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Summaries from the Second Stakeholder Conference



4. What in Truman State's experience might we use to guide our own transformation as we move toward national distinction and distinctiveness?"

        How can we become nationally distinctive with limited resources? (140→45)

        Emphasis on Assessment

        Creating a Challenging Environment with Nurturing

        Hire the Right Faculty and Staff

        Educating the Legislature

        Meaningful Assessment Data

        Increase Support for Study Abroad

        Involve Parents, Faculty, Alumni and Legislators

        Depth and Quality – Not Quantity

        Collect and Market Student and Graduate Accomplishments

        Focus on Instruction

        Track All Ways Faculty and Staff Give

        Create Supportive Political Climate

            parent councils

            student scholarships

        Assess Deliberately, Explicitly, Collaboratively

        Use Assessment Data in Publicity

        Students to Legislature

        Including Research and Scholarship in Workload

        Greater Participation in Giving to the Foundation

        Carefully Chosen Assessment Measures

        Academically Challenging Students

        Dedication to Longevity of the Process

        Faculty and Staff as Drivers

        Students into Libraries and Out of Bars (↑Rigor)

        Recruit from New Cities (e.g.  Orlando, Charlotte…)

        ↑ Battery of Assessment Tests

        ↑ Alumni Involvement


        Study Abroad


        Out of Class Learning Experiences

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