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Summaries from the Second Stakeholder Conference


2. What are the current strengths of the total learning experience upon which we might build to achieve even higher levels of distinction?

• Embrace the 3 R's
- Reason, Respect, Responsibility

• Learning Through Experience
- research
- community service
- study abroad
- internships
- art exhibits
- theatre performance

• Residential Connection (beyond residency requirement)

• Physical Presence & Location in Community

• True Commitment to Academic Excellence
- national recognition programs
- cohorts

• Faculty/Student/Staff Interactions
- build this value into evaluation systems
- recognition and awards
- sufficient staffing to enhance ability to do this

• Leadership Opps
- funding for students to participate in regional or national organizations
- enhance experiential transcript process
- faculty/staff incentives to support these things

• Student Research
- funding (summer)
- legislative day for presentations
- build into faculty workload
- recognize/reward department and faculty for doing this work
- dismiss class and foster attendance at student research conference

• Involvement – Engagement of Learning in Class & Out
- organizations that foster application

• Shared Responsibility for Leadership
- collaborations on all levels

• Desire for Continuous Improvement
- beginning of assessment culture

• External Mentoring and Internship Opportunities for Students

• Institutional Pride and Friendliness

• Interdisciplinary Focus

• Living-Learning Communities

• Study Abroad and Globally-Focused Courses

• Student Organizations and Campus Centers

• Service Learning and Other External Activity

• Undergraduate Research

• Spirit of Community

• International Studies

• Regional Opportunities

• Wealth of Opportunity to Develop Balanced Lives

• Wealth of Opportunity to Develop Leadership Skills

• Collegiality and Respect Among Faculty and Staff

• Low Student:Faculty Ratio and Small Class Sizes Combined with Faculty's Commitment to Teaching

• Intellectual Atmosphere that Encourages Critical Reflection by Students and Faculty

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