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Summaries from the Third Stakeholder Conference



Field Experiences/Internships/Mentoring
GCSU will be acknowledged as a national leader in enriching classroom learning through the field experiences, internships and coaching and mentoring opportunities that it provides for students.

Table 1 response:  Develop professional versatility and ability to apply to the local, regional and global community.

1.  Describe how this pillar builds upon existing institutional strengths and traditions.

  • Business – interns (Disney, Robins – Co-op)
  • Education
  • GEM Program
  • Service learning
  • Music education
  • Student teaching
  • Internship music therapy
  • Nursing
  • Study Abroad
  • Many programs campus-wide currently engage in these at some levels
    - GEM
    - GIVE Center activities
    - SOAR
  • Central to a liberal arts education (saying=doing=action=growth)
  • Some of these programs have brought significant recognition to the university and its mission (expertise from within=variety of program areas)
  • Experiential transcripts
  • GEM and other collaborative networks
  • Study abroad
  • The GIVE Center
  • Undergraduate research
  • Creative activities
    - Performance
    - Presentation
    - Publication
  • Internships
  • Career Centers


2.  What would we do to nurture this pillar so that it would enhance the quality and depth of the students' total collegiate learning experience here?

  • Require uncommon implementation
  • Develop relations with "suppliers" (school systems, businesses)
  • University career office
  • Offer a suite of programs (e.g. GEM, Cohort in education)
  • Activities are learning-outcome based (teams, leadership)
  • Encourage widespread buy-in across university
  • Faculty – workloads, P&T (recognize field-based work)
  • "Sell" importance to students
  • Quality control
    - Faculty development
    - Program level flexibility
    - Systems for assessment and accountability
    - Internal and external benchmarking
  • Marketing
    - Involvement and incentives (student, faculty and sponsors)
    - Building internal and external relationships
     Find a new name for this group of activities (packaging)
    - Resource needs (human, fiscal)
    - Inventory existing programs, quality features, etc.  Sharing
  • Buy-in/Incentives
  • Graduation requirements
  • Funding
  • Procedure training


3.  What potential does this pillar have for bringing external recognition as an exemplary feature of the learning experience?

  • Key issue:  Integration – not simply subject-area knowledge
    - Diversity – people skills
    - Leadership – communication skills
    - International experience
  • Makes our students more competitive
  • We must demonstrate impact
    - Career and interpersonal
    - Public service
      - Who am I?
      - What can I do?
      - What can I give back?
  • NONE style, accountability, quality and integrity, faculty buy-in
  • Reputation building = contributes to existing claims – e.g.,. faculty-student ratios
  • Potential to draw on the attractions of other pillars (glue)
  • Exposure to external audiences (the chain reaction)
  • Distinction among other liberal arts institutions
  • Attraction to students and parents
  • Impact on the larger community
  • "Upon graduation our students are experienced in their disciplines, civically engaged and employable?"


Proposed Pillars of Distinction

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