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Multiculturalism/ International Awareness

GCSU will be acknowledged as a national leader in educating students who are globally aware and who have an understanding and appreciation of the circumstances and contributions of diverse peoples.

1. Describe how this pillar builds upon existing institutional strengths and traditions.

  • Strong international office and study abroad programs
  • International Awareness Programs (campus-wide)
  • Multicultural courses – women's studies, African…
  • Foreign language components
  • Faculty commitment to study abroad
  • Growing pool of international students

2.  What would we do to nurture this pillar so that it would enhance the quality and depth of the students' total collegiate learning experience here?

  • Require each student to map a multicultural journey.  Draw from a menu of experiences:
    - Study abroad
    - Buddy program (roommate)
    - Thesis, research, creative endeavors
    - Expanding core courses
    - Living with other communities
    - Exchange program
  • Provide incentives
  • Devote more resources to international/multicultural education ($$$)
  • Devote more faculty/advisement
  • Relationships with other universities

3.  What potential does this pillar have for bringing external recognition as an exemplary feature of the learning experience?

  • Great potential to provide graduates with a world view (though there may be early challenges developing an appreciation for its importance)
  • Every student gets involved and has the opportunity to develop his/her journey with guidance of an adviser

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