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Summaries from the Third Stakeholder Conference


GCSU will be acknowledged as a national leader in providing students with innovative educational opportunities (e.g., capstone experiences, intensive workshops or retreats, "circles" book discussion groups, individualized learning journeys) that effectively promote integrative learning.

1.  Describe how this pillar builds upon existing institutional strengths and traditions.

  • We focus on this now:
    - LLCs
    - Cohort education and nursing
    - Coverdell
    - iPods
    - Washington Center
    - Honors
    - GEM
    - Center for Academic Engagement
    - Service Learning
  • Build on strengths
    - Interdisciplinary studies program
    - Multicultural affairs
    - Bridge program
    - Global issues course
    - Spectacular housing
    - Study abroad
    - iPods
  • Holistic education – built upon 3R's
  • First-year learning experience
  • Utilize residence halls/LLC
  • Stable medium size school
  • Capstone experiences
  • GCSU/Community integration/Early College/Volunteer
  • "Circles"
  • 1st year seminar
  • IDST
  • Times talk
  • Table talk
  • Inter-cultural opportunities (living-learning/special events/on-campus/community)


2.  What would we do to nurture this pillar so that it would enhance the quality and depth of the students' total collegiate learning experience here?

  • Cluster course modules in halls across years (1-4 & graduate)
  • Majors could live in close proximity to strengthen skills and assessment
  • Use collaborative course development to identify common themes
  • Integrate community/civic engagement
  • Let faculty live in residential spaces
  • Use and coordinate student board(s)/workgroups to have them generate ideas and get input
  • Form study groups
  • Create a 4-year experience tied to and across majors (intensify circle groups, workshops, seminars within majors)
  • Enhance capstones
  • Further on-campus jobs ("giving back to GCSU")
  • Organizational involvement (clubs, advisory boards)
  • Assessment and incentives for faculty involvement in 4-year experience
  • Enhance student resources
  • Address multicultural perspectives
  • Better assessment
  • Sustain for duration
  • Recruitment – faculty/students/staff – embrace integration
  • Support – workshops, promotion/tenure, course release<


3.  What potential does this pillar have for bringing external recognition as an exemplary feature of the learning experience?

  • Our students are so eager for learning, be easy to grow
  • Have folks from our community visit innovative models, capture skill-based learning assessment outcomes
  • We would be viewed as new age and proactive by the community – a step from the norm
  • This, as a college of distinction would enhance pride and ownership
  • This would enhance other benefits for students (i.e. leadership experiences)
  • Prepare students for global work environment (graduates will have skills and capabilities to be successful from the outset)
  • National/International conference recognition
  • Nationwide mentorship initiatives
  • Bolster personalized experiences/development
  • Fosters sense of community
  • External funding
  • Academic excellence
  • Supports mission


Proposed Pillars of Distinction

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