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Summaries from the Third Stakeholder Conference


Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

GCSU will be acknowledged as a national leader in helping students to understand processes of discovery and creation through involvement with faculty in research and creative activities.

1.  Describe how this pillar builds upon existing institutional strengths and traditions.

  • Low student-faculty ratio
  • Strong student-faculty relationships
  • Strong tradition in science, education, health science, arts, honors
  • SGA funding
  • Faculty research funding, T&P policies, hiring practices already encourage this
  • Every discipline on campus does/could do
  • Extension to experiential learning


2.  What would we do to nurture this pillar so that it would enhance the quality and depth of the students' total collegiate learning experience here?

  • Systematic marketing (external and internal)
  • Learn from who is already doing this well (need good models)
  • More/different recognition for faculty and students doing this
  • Opportunities for students to write proposals for funding, display/present
  • Early research seminars, grant writing and other curriculum
  • Faculty workload
  • Clear definition of what = research
  • Departments collaborate with student organizations
  • Library


3.  What potential does this pillar have for bringing external recognition as an exemplary feature of the learning experience?

  • Yes, if we can build resources (time, money for research, travel, library)
  • Marketing our success!
  • Benefits for Students:
    - Marketable skills (job, graduate school)
    - Critical thinking/learning enhancement
    - Opens doors and eyes
    - Potential for travel/networking with others in discipline, etc.
    - Relationship-building
    -  Status-sense of accomplishment


Proposed Pillars of Distinction

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