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Summaries from the Third Stakeholder Conference


GCSU will be acknowledged as a national leader in educating students for leadership in their professions and communities. 


1.  Describe how this pillar builds upon existing institutional strengths and traditions.

  • Would allow us to build on leadership opportunities that already exist such as:
    - GEM
    - Leadership Certificate Program
    - Ambassadors
    - Society for Leadership
    - Student involvement in national organizations
    - SGA
    - And others within major that are national and that students join
  • Small, highly interactive, liberal arts environment
  • Expectation of leadership makes a difference
  •  Part of mission and GNIC tradition
  • Abundant with role models (faculty, staff, alumni)
  • Multiple opportunities to practice leadership:
    - Community and service learning
    - GEM
    - Residence Life
    - SGA
    - Leadership certificate
    - Career Center
  • Interconnected curricular and co-curricular activities


2.  What would we do to nurture this pillar so that it would enhance the quality and depth of the students' total collegiate learning experience here?

  • Funding to support student leaders' attendance at national conferences
  • Form a leadership living/learning community
  • Develop a roadmap for student leadership development
  • Personal mission statement for all students
  • Start early and develop in levels
  • Expose students to various styles of leaders:  use Alums, CEOs, Donors           
  • Explicit expectations for campus involvement-multiple opportunities
  • Promote a conscious awareness of leadership characteristics (know a leader)
  • Model leadership across campus


3.  What potential does this pillar have for bringing external recognition as an exemplary feature of the learning experience?

  • Connecting nationally recognized leaders with our students brings recognition to the school beyond the region – examples:
    - Internships such as the Washington Center
    - Advisory boards that exist and can be expanded
    - Database opportunities
  • Unique personal approach to leadership:  It is about PEOPLE
  • Demonstrate impact of leadership (local, regional and global)
  • Work forward and backwards – freshmen to alumni
  • Tout the successes strategically, nationally, frequently – LEAD WITH STUDENTS
  • Become a model for other institutions (COPLAC, AACU, etc)


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