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Question 1

In what ways does the proposed Pillar of Distinction enhance the quality and distinctiveness of the Total Student Learning experience?

1. Residential Learning Communities

  • Foster integrative learning.
  • Build community, peer mentoring, and long-term ties to university.
  • Support proposed cluster courses for new gen ed curriculum.
  • Support learning beyond the classroom.
  • Foster whole person, educating the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Build a support structure for students and will help them thrive in an academic environment.
  • Provide opportunities for greater interaction and bonds between faculty and students.
  • Provide opportunities for social development/adjustment/responsibility and develop common set of skills for collaborating.
  • Promote active and collaborative learning, creating a greater sense of engagement. It will help to prepare students for work on upper levels.
  • Provide students with a sense of identity, ownership, confidence, and tradition.
  • Provide opportunities for student leadership.
  • Support the core mission of learning within a community.
  • Support the learning that takes place outside of the classroom.
  • Provide opportunities through theme-based learning communities for students with common interests to interact with each other and increase retention.
  • Provide stability and sense of belonging through group identities as students return each year.
  • Increase the private college quality of being in residence.
  • Build on national successes with learning communities.
  • Support the learning that takes place outside of the classroom.
  • Can target real world concepts/applications through extra-curricular activities.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

  • Connects theory to practice and produces well-rounded lifelong learners with breadth and depth.
  • Prepares students for careers and lives of engaged civic service.
  • Provides opportunities to explore personal interests and connect learning to individual experiences.
  • Creates connections between majors and disciplines.
  • Engages external congruencies.
  • Improves self-esteem and creates a positive attitude about ability to learn.
  • Inquiry makes learning more student-centered.
  • Integrates many separate initiatives under one banner.
  • Promotes leadership and could lead to a leadership center.
  • Develops a coping mechanism for and an open mind to change and diversity of cultures/thought.
  • Enhances the "liberating" quality of the liberal arts.
  • Develops people skills and relationship building.
  • Gives GC a real claim to distinction and would attract students who value an in-depth learning experience and have greater academic abilities.


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