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Summaries of Responses to Questions About Building Residential Integrative Learning Communities From the Fifth Stakeholder Conference



7. What recommendations do you have that should be considered as we move forward?

        Phase program in slowly and only after pilots have proven to be successful.

        Involve stakeholders, particularly students, in the process from the beginning.

        Ensure sufficient space for all who want to participate.

        Pilot program with upperclassmen, who may serve as mentors for younger students who enter later.

        Choose faculty leaders carefully and commit to a five-year period of service. They must be adequately rewarded and promotion and tenure policies must be adapted to accommodate extra workloads associated with participation.

        Encourage cooperation between houses as well as competition.

        Design effective assessment measures and seek frequent feedback from participants.

        Develop an effective marketing plan early in the process.

        Avoid implementing the program without knowledge that necessary funds, staffing, and other resources exist.

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