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Strategic Directions 2011-2014

The Strategic Directions for Georgia College provide a framework for planning and goal setting, for assessing overall institutional health and progress, and for establishing resource priorities.  The institutional planning process includes identifying Institutional Priorities, Action Steps, Indicators of Progress, and a Timeline for Achievement.

Strategic Direction One:  Exemplary Undergraduate Learning Experience

Build excellence and distinction in the Georgia College undergraduate educational experience consistent with the university's educational values and its undergraduate public liberal arts mission.

Strategic Direction Two:  Respected provider of Graduate Programs in the Middle Georgia Region

Strengthen the university's graduate mission, which is to deliver graduate programs responsive to regional workforce needs.

Strategic Direction Three: Acclaimed Academic Programs/Distinctive Colleges & Departments

Enhance the academic reputation of Georgia College based on recognition of exemplary academic programs and the distinctive qualities and achievements of its academic colleges and units.

Strategic Direction Four: Strong Partner for Creating a Better Community and State

Strengthen community and regional ties through programs, partnerships, research, and service that enhances economic, educational, and cultural opportunities

Strategic Direction Five: Talented, mission-invested faculty and staff

Recruit and support highly qualified faculty and staff who are invested in the university’s mission, its students, and its commitments to reason, respect, and responsibility.

Strategic Direction Six: Effective Fiscal and Operational Performance

Continue to seek operational performance improvement and effective fiscal strategies, including the diversification of funding support.

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