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Georgia College is committed to providing…

An Expansive Undergraduate Educational Experience.  Georgia College is committed to providing a residential liberal arts educational environment that invests in its students the extensive knowledge and strategic skills for them to thrive as productive citizens of a globally engaged democracy.  Georgia College students experience multidiscipline intellectual encounters with both enduring and contemporary questions, intensive study in the major, and capstone experiences that integrate and apply learning.

Excellence in Graduate Education. Georgia College is committed to providing post-baccalaureate education that successfully prepares graduates for professional advancement, life-long intellectual pursuits, and informed participation in today’s complex society.  In graduate and professional studies the rigor, quality, and relevance of our programs intentionally bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Challenging, Innovative Teaching. Georgia College is committed to teaching excellence in and beyond the classroom. Using a balance of evidence-based, innovative teaching, high-impact pedagogies along with meaningful student-faculty interaction, Georgia College develops students equipped to clearly, critically, and creatively address societal challenges.

Opportunities for Community Engagement. Georgia College values collaboration with community partners to address mutually identified needs and to promote public well-being through teaching, learning, scholarship, and outreach. Community engagement advances Georgia College students’ academic and civic learning. It also helps them become more informed citizen leaders ready to serve the public good, locally and globally.

Preparation for Leadership.  Georgia College is committed to promoting “Reason, Respect, and Responsibility” by deepening students’ individual, group, and community values through greater understanding of self, promotion of reasoned and respectful discourse, and the development of engaged citizenship. Georgia College prepares responsible leaders capable of affecting positive social change in a pluralistic world.

Approved by the Board of Regents, June 2011

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