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Outdoor Warning Siren System

Georgia College (GC) utilizes an outdoor warning siren system to greatly enhance our emergency notification capabilities. Since some emergencies occur with little to no warning, notification of these events must be delivered quickly and decisively. The outdoor warning siren system will provide the GC community and surrounding area this quick delivery of emergency notification. Outdoor siren systems are intended to alert those who are outdoors of a potential emergency requiring them to seek shelter; they are not designed to be heard inside a structure, especially modern structures that typically feature high insulation values.

GC installed three warning sirens, two for central campus and one for west campus. These sirens are preprogrammed to broadcast emergency tones and voice messages.

During a tornado warning, the system will sound the tone "ALERT" followed by the "TORNADO WARNING" message and then the "ALERT" tone again. This sequence will occur approximately every 5 minutes until the warning is cancelled or expires at which time an all clear will be issued. The system will be activated when the National Weather Service issues a “tornado warning” for Baldwin County

The system also can be used to warn of an armed assailant.  When activated, this will sound the message "ARMED ASSAILANT" followed by the "WHOOP" tone. This will be initiated when there is reason to believe the Georgic College campus is threatened by an armed assailant.

To ensure sirens are operational, GC will conduct monthly tests.  Test will be conducted between 10 a.m. and noon on the first Wednesday of every month.  Test will only be conducted when clear skies are present.  If clear conditions are not present or severe weather threatens the area for the day of the scheduled test, the test will be cancelled for the month.

Georgia College is dedicated to ensuring everyone knows what to do when they hear the sirens, so below are answers to frequently asked siren questions.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Georgia College Public Safety at 478-445-4054 or email

When are the sirens tested?

The system tests take place between 10 - noon on the first Wednesday morning of the month.  You do not need to take any action during the test. If severe weather is predicted or the skies are anything but clear to partly clear on a scheduled test day, the test will be cancelled for that month.

What should I do during the monthly test?

You should continue your regular activities during a test. You do not need to take any special actions during a test.

How can I tell the difference between a monthly test and an emergency?

Monthly tests will begin with the announcement, “This is a test.” If you hear the sirens, and do not hear, “This is a test,” this means there is an emergency.

A system test will only take place in the morning on the first Wednesday of the month and will not last longer than a minute, unless prior notice has been given. In the event of an emergency the sirens will cycle until the emergency is over, at which point you will hear an “all clear” announcement.  Also, anytime the siren is activated for testing purposes, prior notification will be given via local media outlets.

What should I do when I hear the sirens?

When you hear the sirens you should seek shelter immediately. Enter the nearest building and move to the lowest level of the building into interior rooms or corridors away from windows. Remain inside until an “ALL CLEAR” notification is issued.

If you hear a siren test, do not take any action.

What types of emergencies do the sirens indicate?

The sirens indicate emergencies that make it unsafe to be outdoors and require you to seek immediate shelter. The most likely cause of these unsafe outdoor conditions is severe weather, but other causes may include the unlikely occurrences of an armed assailant on campus.  Public Safety also has the capability to use the siren system to make emergency announcements similar to a public address system.  Remember the outdoor siren system is used to notify individuals who are outdoors of an emergency requiring them to seek shelter.

Where are the sirens located?

Two siren speakers are located on main campus and one speaker is located on West Campus.  GC does not have sirens located at the East (Lake Laurel), Macon or Warner Robins campuses.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact Georgia College Public Safety at 478-445-4054 or by email at

Department of Public Safety
Campus Box 093
Milledgeville, GA 31061-0490

For emergency assistance, please call

For non-emergency assistance, please call

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