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The Georgia College Police Department is pleased to announce that the Crime Prevention Program is back in full force.  This program offers many Public Safety educational programs to serve the university community.  The department regularly presents programs using power point presentations, pamphlets, videos, practical exercises, and other mediums to all faculty, staff, and students.  These programs are coordinated through the Crime Prevention Sergeant and include the following programs listed below.  To schedule a program, call Lt. R. Tuft at 478-445-0801.


Georgia College is a very safe campus.  This does not mean that you should let your guard down.  The Georgia College Police Department hosts several rape prevention/self-defense classes throughout the year.  These classes are taught in a friendly and comfortable environment.  This class is one of the most popular programs offered.  It is approximately an hour long, but additional time is offered at the request of students.


This class educates students and staff on the different forms of personal safety available to them.  This class gives the pros and cons of several personal defense items, including pepper spray and personal alarms.  A pepper spray demonstration is also given during this program to show the effectiveness of this defense mechanism.


This class educates students on responsible drinking, alcohol and the body, DUI, and underage drinking.  A power point presentation is presented, along with brochures on alcohol and how it affects the body.  Also, a drinking demonstration is conducted to show how a person reacts to alcohol; and standardized field sobriety tests are conducted by a Georgia College police officer.


This class educates students on how drugs affect the human body.  A power point presentation is presented on this subject, and drug identification is explained so students know what to look for while out on the town and what to look for if they suspect that other students are involved with drugs.  Also, locations of agencies are provided for people fighting drug abuse.


This program is designed to educate students on the laws of the state of Georgia when it comes to two main types of transportation to and from class.  A power point presentation is presented in this class on pedestrian and bicycle safety, as well as a quick review of vehicle safety.


Detect. Deter. Defend.  This program is designed to educate students on how to protect themselves from identity thieves, how to recognize fraudulent attempts, and what to do if becoming a victim of identity theft.  A power point presentation is presented, along with brochures with valuable information for victims of identity theft.


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