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Read ENGAGE, Georgia College's Quality Enhancement Plan (pdf)

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ENGAGE 101:  Can't attend a session?  Review the presentation (pdf).
  1. What is ENGAGE?
    ENGAGE is a five year plan to develop structured and accessible Community-based Engaged Learning (C-bEL) experiences that connect students with the community.  Students participating in these experiences will develop the experience and skills to become informed citizen leaders prepared to make a contribution to the public good.
  2. What is C-bEL?
    C-bEL (SeeBell) is an acronym for Community-based Engaged Learning.  At Georgia College, C-bEL is a label applied to courses and co-curricular experiences that meet all four of the following criteria:
    *Integrates theory and practice
    *Provides direct community experiences for GC students
    *Incorporates mutually-beneficial collaborations with one or more community partners
    * Engages students in critical reflection using the ENGAGE reflection prompts
  3. What isn’t community engagement?
    If an experience you design fits into the above parameters, you can justify it as a C-bEL experience.  It is within the limits only of your imagination that a C-bEL experience can be imagined and designed.
  4. I am a community member, how do I get involved?
    Community members are encouraged to propose projects.  To connect with us send an email to engage@gcsu.edu or call the ENGAGE Director, Julia Metzker, at 478-445-8535.
  5. I am a faculty or staff member, how do I get involved?
    There are many levels at which faculty and staff can become part of ENGAGE, which range from workshops to multi-year project grants.  More information including application materials available on the intranet (requires unify password).
  6. Does this have to be an individual faculty project or can my whole program get involved?
    Programs are strongly encouraged to apply for multi-year project grants to become an ENGAGE program.  (More information)
More questions?  Email engage@gcsu.edu.
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