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Resident Student Association (RSA)
Campus Box 60
Milledgeville, GA 31061


RSA meets every
Wednesday evening
from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
in Centennial 238.


Thunder Cup

Current standings will be announced HERE.

Email us if you want your event to be part of the Thunder Cup competition.

What is Thunder Cup?
Thunder Cup is a year long competition between the residence halls and The Village. Residents earn points for their residence by participating in 10 areas of competition. The winning hall is the hall at the end of the year that has won the most areas of competition.

There are two ways to earn points for your hall:
Participation based - Swipe your Bobcat Card and instantly gain points for your hall.
Performance based - Gain points by doing well in intramurals and academics

Areas of Competition:
* Intramural- playing intramurals
* Academic- GPA, trivia bowl
* Service- volunteer hours through the Give Center
* Fine Arts- going to plays, art exhibitions, musicals, etc.
* Athletics- attending GC sporting events such as soccer games, baseball games, etc.
* Wellness- going to the Depot
* On-Campus Program Involvement- attending events put on by campus organizations
* Community Involvement- participating in community projects
* Eco-Awareness- going green
* Leadership- attending and being actively involved on campus (only used as tie breaker)

Not sure if something is an official Thunder Cup event?


Look for the Thunder Cup stamp on advertisements!

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