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SACS Fifth Year Midterm Interim Response Report Committees

NOTE: Please be advised that some information may not be available from within the SACS 2010 Accreditation Report website as links and content may have moved since the report was created. Contact information may have also changed.


GC's Fifth Year Interim Midterm Response Report will be developed by several committees, including an oversight committee (steering committee), two SACS compliance certification subcommittees (one for academic compliance areas, the other for administrative compliance areas), a QEP subcommittee (composed of the responsible parties for QEP data and faculty who will draft the response), and a review board composed of members representing both internal and external constituencies.

Steering Committee

Deborah Vess, Chair

A. Kay Anderson (Facilitator of the administrative compliance certification subcommittees)

Ken Procter (Chair of academic compliance certification subcommittee 1)

Lee Gillis (CoAS)

J.W. Good (CoE)

Mark Pelton (Extended U)

Ken Farr (CoB)

Martha Colvin (CoHS)

Ed Hale (Institutional Research)

Susan Bello (Institutional Effectiveness)

SACS Compliance Certification Subcommittees (14 areas)

Administrative Compliance Certification Committees
*Administrative Compliance Area Facilitator: Kay Anderson

Subcommittee I:  Core Requirement 2.8; Comprehensive Standard s3.4.11 and 3.28  (Numbers of qualified faculty, qualified administrative and academic officers, program coordination)

Diane Kirkwood (Human Resources)

Sandra Gangstead (CoHS), chair

Karen Berman (CoAS)

Catherine Whelan (CoB)

Beth Broyles  (Library and Instructional Technology Center)

Neil Jones (Academic Affairs)

Jane Hinson (CoE)


Subcommittee 2:  Comprehensive Standard 3.43 and Federal Requirements 4.3 and 4.6 (Student complaints and petitions)

Melanie Devore  (Academic Policy Committee; CoAS)

Charlie Martin (CoE, but currently handling petitions for AA)

Jason Huffman (CoAS), chair

Judy Malachowski (CoHS)

Erin Weston (Professional advising; CoHS)

Virginia Simmons (Professional advising; CoB)

Paul Jahr (Student Affairs)

Cathy Crawley (Financial Aid)


Subcommittee 3:  Comprehensive Standard 3.43 and Federal Requirements 4.3 and 4.6 (Admissions and recruiting policies)

Doris Christopher (CAO, Macon), chair

Cindy McClanahan  (Housing)

Jody Kemp (Admissions)

Lis Wolfgang (Admissions)

Wanda Ennis (Business office)

Jud Damon  (Athletics)


Subcommittee 4:  Comprehensive Standard 3.10.31 and Federal Requirement 4.7  (Financial Aid)

Yves-Rose Saint-Dic (Institutional Equity and Diversity)

Cathy Crawley (Financial Aid)

Mike Chambers (institutional Equity and Diversity)

Suzanne Pittman  (Enrollment Management), chair


Subcommittee 5: Comprehensive Standard 3.11.3 (Facilities)

Dave Groseclose (Public Safety)

Joe Windish (RPIPC/Library and Instructional Technology Center labs), chair

Larry Christenson (Housing)

Ben Pratt (Plant op)

Ed Boyd (IT)

Mike Gleason (CoAS: Sciences)

Jeanne Sewell  (CoHS)

Parris Story (Macon)

Linda Irwin-DeVitis (CoE)

Nancy Davis-Bray (Library and Instructional Technology Center)

Academic Compliance Certification Committees
*Subcommittee chairs report directly to the chair of the steering committee

Subcommittee 1: Comprehensive Standard 3.3.11 and Federal Requirements 4.1, 4.2, and 4.4  (Learning outcomes, student achievement, program length)

Tanya Goette (Assessment, CoB)

Carol Bader (Assessment CoE)

Diane Chamblee (CoHS)

Stephanie McClure (CoAS)

Ken Procter (CoAS) , chair

Douglas Keith (CoHS)

Scott Dillard (CAPC/Gen ed),

Ken McGill (CoAS)

Susan Bello  (Institutional Research; resource/background info)

Deborah Vess (Academic Affairs assessment; resource/background info)



Subcommittee 2:  Core Requirement 2.10 (Student support services)

Mike Chambers (Disability Services; Equity and Diversity)

Mary Roberts (Career center)

Pete Carriere (Writing center)

Lori Robinson (Learning center)

Shaina McGill (Advising center)                                                                   

Sara Faircloth (Office of Academic Engagement)

Ruth Eilers (Academic Outreach)

Kendall Stiles (G.I.V.E.)

Tom Miles (Student activities)

Eve Puckett (Housing)

Mary Jane Phillips (Counseling)

Sherry Jones (Center for Testing), chair


QEP Response Subcommittee
Subcommittee Facilitator:  Deborah Vess

Responsible Parties: Those responsible for initiatives (provide data, review the draft and give other input):  Suzanne Pittman (Enrollment Management), Kathy Edmonson (Orientation), Dwight Call (International Ed), Mary Roberts (Career Center), John Bowen (Leadership/OAE), Gregg Kaufmann (Coverdell, ADP, RLCs),  Bruce Harshbarger (Student Affairs; RLCs), Eve Puckett (RLCs/Housing)


Drafting subcommittee: Subset of original drafters plus additional others (drafters of the response) : Cheryl Reynolds (CoE), Ken Farr (CoB),  Jim Lidstone (CoHS), Steve Elliott-Gower (CoAS/Honors), Nancy Mizelle (CoE cohorts), Julia Metzker (CoAS), Flor Culpa-Bondal (CAPC/CoHS), Ben Scafidi (gen ed implementation plan committee/CoB), Bill Wall (gen ed implementation plan committee/CoAS), Kendra Russell (CoHS), Beauty Bragg (CoAS)

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