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Georgia College Study Tour: Chile

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Join us in exploring the food, culture, business, communication, and lifestyle in Chile.

This experience is open to community members, Georgia College Alumni, and retirees.

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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SoCPS) offers campus expertise, resources, and facilities to middle Georgia communities and beyond.  The school's mission is to enrich the economic, cultural, personal, and professional lives of Georgians through high-quality educational programs and comprehensive conference and academic support services.  

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies is working hand-in-hand with the four academic colleges to offer online graduate-level certificate programs through the Department of Continuing and Professional Education.  In today’s rapidly changing world, workers may have up to 20 different careers over the course of their lifetimes and are in need of short-format credentials and certificates to provide the flexibility to change roles and industries at a moment’s notice.  Surveys of employers and job recruiters indicate that they also see the value of short-format certificates and credentials for “just-in-time” and “just enough” education.  With the addition of online graduate-level certificate programs, the Employer Education Partnership program, and the array of programs and services offered by units within the SoCPS, the school hopes to help today’s workers retrain and retool for the rapidly changing job market. 

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers a diverse and comprehensive slate of services through the departments and programs within the school. We invite you to explore our school and continue your education!