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Science to Serve


Science to Serve reaches beyond the university campus and into community classrooms. "We make science real to those who might not ordinarily be engaged, so that they see the role of science in life, in education and in the economy," says Dr. Rosalie Richards, chemistry professor and director of The Science Education Center.

"Our single purpose is to advance the interest, engagement and understanding of science and technology by people of all ages and backgrounds." Science to Serve is a multi-disciplinary program linking faculty and support staff from across the campus. The Office of Academic Outreach, the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the Department of Chemistry and Physics, the Science Education Center, and faculty from Middle Grades Education operate under the Science to Serve umbrella to generate excitement and interest in the sciences and deepen scientific understanding.

"Science to Serve garners broad-based support from the university community and myriad constituencies beyond the campus with faculty and students of all majors serving as ambassadors of science," Richards says. Partnerships with key statewide and national organizations have further strengthened this initiative. Reaching out to diverse communities has resulted in an impressive host of science resources, programs, courses and activities that are cross-disciplinary in scope and brought external funding to the program.

Science to Serve supports summer science camps for [budding] young-minded scientists and future math and science teachers, and hosts workshops for Middle Georgia teachers who apply their new practices in their own classrooms. A faculty dedicated to education beyond the classroom and students acting as ambassadors of science and knowledge make the program work.

"Commitment to community is the driving force behind Georgia College's Science to Serve program," Richards says. "As a liberal arts university, service is a key component to our mission. Service to the community is one of our cornerstones. We teach our students that it is a privilege to serve."

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