Executive Branch


The job of the Student Body President:

The terms "Student Body President" and "SGA President" are interchangeable at Georgia College. The SGA President's primary jobs are to work as a liaison between the students and the University Administration, to oversee the operations of the Student Government Association and represent students at dedications, receptions, and other university events. The president also contacts and works with other SGA colleagues and participates in the Student Advisory Council with the Board of Regents.

The president serves as the chair of the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) whose duty is to oversee the Student Activity Fee Budget. 

The president has the duty to approve bills and resolutions passed by the Student Senate while reserving the right to veto entire bills and resolutions and also line-item vetoes.

The president approves the Student Senate agendas but does not preside over the Student Senate. She does, however, call and conduct executive officer meetings and SGA meetings.

The president has the power to appoint a great number of positions including but not limited to:

Chief Justices
Chief of Staff
Student Judicial Board Members
SGA Staff Members
Standing Committee Chairs
University-Wide Committee Members

Finally, the president is an advisor to Senators and Committee chairs in SGA. President Lord is always open to hearing directly from the student body and encourages all students to engage with SGA. She can be reached at sga.president@gcsu.edu.

The President's Office is located in room 105 of the Student Activities Center.

More about President Amelia Jane Lord:

Amelia Lord is a Junior, Political Science Major from Peachtree City, Ga and attends GCSU alongside her younger sister Caroline. Amelia's goal is to make SGA a more inclusive and diverse collaboration between members of the GC student body. 

Past Involvement in SGA

2017-Present: Member of the Parking and Transportation Committee

2017: President Pro Tempore

2017: Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs

2016-17: Senator of the Year

2016: Chairman of SGA Wellness and Safety Committee

2016: Freshman Senator 

Office Hours:

Monday: By Appointment

Tuesday: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Wednesday: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Thursday: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Friday: By Appointment

Any additional meetings can be made by email:


The Vice President is an Executive officer in the Student Government Association who is directly below President in rank. The name comes from the Latin vice meaning "in place of."

The Vice President's primary job is two-fold. They must preside over the Student Senate, work directly with and manage the committees of the Senate. In doing this, they have the power to approve the agenda for the Senate sessions and direct parliamentary procedure in those sessions.

It is also the Vice President's job to declare the results of elections.  Ranging from Fall Senate Elections, Spring Executive Elections, and Mr. and Ms. Georgia College, the Vice President declares and makes public the results.

The Vice President's duties to uphold the SGA Constitution also come into play quite frequently as it is the Vice President's job to resolves constitutional inquiries. They also must ensure that the proper procedures are carried out to enforce and enact a bill or resolution passed by the Student Senate.

The Vice President also has a duty to fellow Executive Officers as they aid with budget preparation and schedules visitors into the Senate agenda and reporting such to the Secretary. In the President's absence, the Vice President may also preside over an Executive Officer Meeting.

The Vice President serves on many statutory councils and university committees while chairing SGA's own Campus Issues Committee and appointing ad hoc committee members and chairs thereof. They also appoint Senators to standing SGA committees, excluding Academic Travel Fund Committee, which all members are appointed by the Treasurer.

Finally, it is their duty to serve in a public relations capacity to see that the student body is informed of all actions taken by SGA.


Sarah Smith


More about Vice President Sarah Smith:


Activities and Leadership Positions:

2016 Senator

2017 Treasurer, Chair of Student Travel Funding Committee, University Committee member on RPIPC, Committee Member of SABC

Active in: Pre-Dental Club, Member of Tri-Beta national honor society, Chemistry Club


Office Hours:

Monday: 11am - 12pm

Tuesday: 5pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 11am - 12pm

Thursday: 5pm - 6pm 

Friday: 11am - 12pm

Additional meeting can be made by email:



The Secretary's job is mainly dealing with the recording, processing, and maintenance of the official business of the Student Government Association.

In the case of legislation coming before the Student Senate, the secretary may rewrite bills and resolutions before sending them through the process. The secretary is the one who directs this process which is roughly outlined below:

  • Assigns Senator to complete a bill if one is requested by an RSO
  • Copies of legislation are made for the Student Senate, the Vice President of Student Affairs and the SGA Advisors.
  • If the legislation passes, the Vice President's and President's Signatures are made on the legislation and a record is kept in the official archives.
  • If the legislation is a bill, the Allocated Funds Usage from is secured after a 'Pass' by the Senate and the expenses are incurred.


On a more day to day operational note, the Secretary ensures that all Senators receive mail in the SGA office and informs Senate of the status of legislation and prepares copies of minutes and agendas.

The Secretary also ensures that meeting rooms and equipment are reserved when necessary and records meeting attendance and corresponds with the Attorney General after every meeting. They are also responsible for informing senators of meeting dates, times, locations and any changes that may arise. When absences are required, the Secretary documents and logs them in the records.


Avery Perkins


The Treasurer is the elected SGA Executive that is responsible for seeing that all aspects of SGA's financial recording, communication, audit, and governance are conducted with integrity and University Policy.

The Treasurer works day after day to process and prepare payment requests for students and companies to get reimbursed through SGA funds.

With the assistance of the President and the Vice President, the Treasurer sets the budget and adjusts accordingly throughout the fiscal year. Each week, budget reports are provided to the Student Senate to ensure that the budget is clear, on track and transparent.

In addition to maintaining the budget, the Treasurer is the chair of the Academic Travel Fund Committee which provides limited financial support to students who are presenting scholarly research or a project presentation at an academic conference or workshop. They also appoint senators to this committee.

Finally, the Treasurer may serve on other statuary councils or university committees to represent the students.

Need Funding for an Academic Conference?

The form below must be completed in full and submitted to the SGA Treasurer a minimum of 72 business hours prior to departure for any travel to be funded. The committee Chairman will schedule a hearing upon the receipt of your application. Once the hearing is scheduled and held, you will be informed on how much the committee wishes to allocate for reimbursement.



Daniel Goorsky

"As treasurer of the Student Government Association, I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to help students follow their collegiate ambitions through student-funded organizations. I plan to serve as a treasurer that is courteous, discrete, professional and friendly to all students and faculty that I work with."

--Daniel Goorsky 

The President Pro Tempore or "PPT" is a constitutionally recognized officer of the Student Government Association who presides over the chamber in the absence of the normal presiding officer. The phrase "pro tempore" means "for the time being."

Aside from the chamber duties of the President Pro Tempore, they chair the Senate Rules & Oversight Committee which deals with the internal workings of Student Government as well as assisting with public relations, elections and the approval of new RSOs.

The President Pro Tempore is charged with reviewing and bringing up conflicts within the internal workings of SGA to the Executive and Legislative branches. They are required to perform the duties of a senator and in the event that the Office of the Vice President becomes vacant, they assume the role. In assisting the other officers, the President Pro Tempore handles any Secretary or Treasurer overload.

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President Pro Tempore

Christina Cortes