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Office of the President

Juawn Jackson is the 76th President of the Student Government Association of Georgia College.  

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The job of the Student Body President
The terms "Student Body President" and "SGA President" are interchangeable at Georgia College. The SGA President's primary jobs are to work as a liaison between the students and the University Administration, to oversee the operations of the Student Government Association and represent students at dedications, receptions and other university events. On occasion, the president may also contact and work with other SGA colleagues and participate in the Student Advisory Council with the Board of Regents.

The president serves as the chair of the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) whose duty is to oversee the Student Activity Fee Budget. 

The president has the duty to approve bills and resolutions passed by the Student Senate while reserving the right to veto entire bills and resolutions and also line-item vetoes.

The president approves the Student Senate agendas but does not preside over the Student Senate. He does, however, call and conduct executive officer meetings and SGA meetings.

The president has the power to appoint a great number of positions including but not limited to:

  • Attorney General
  • Chief of Staff
  • Student Judicial Board Members
  • SGA Staff Members
  • Standing Committee Chairs
  • University-Wide Committee Members


Finally, the president is an advisor to Senators and Committee chairs in SGA. President Jackson is always opened to hear directly from the student body. He can be reached at

Juawn Jackson
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