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Office of the Vice President

The Vice President is an Executive officer in the Student Government Association who is directly below President in rank. The name comes from the Latin vice meaning "in place of."

View a Special Biography of the Vice President Here

The Vice President's primary job is two fold.  They must preside over the Student Senate and work directly with and manage the committees of the Senate.  In doing this, they have power to approve the agenda for the senate sessions and direct parliamentary procedure in those sessions.

It is also the Vice President's job to declare the results of elections.  Ranging from Fall Senate Elections, Spring Executive Elections, and Mr. and Ms. Georgia College, the Vice President declares and makes public the results.

The Vice President's duties to uphold the SGA Constitution also come into play quite frequently as it is the Vice President's job to resolves constitutional inquiries.  They also must ensure that the proper procedures are carried out to enforce and enact a bill or resolution passed by the Student Senate.

The Vice President also has a duty to fellow Executive Officers as they aid with budget preparation and schedules visitors into the senate agenda and reporting such to the Secretary.  In the President's absence, the Vice President may also preside over an Executive Officer Meeting.

The Vice President serves on many statutory councils and university committees while chairing SGA's own Campus Issues Committee and appointing ad hoc committee members and chairs thereof.  They also appoint Senators to standing SGA committees, excluding Academic Travel Fund Committee, which all members are appointed by the Treasurer.

Finally, it is their duty to serve in a public relations capacity to see that the student body is informed of all actions taken by SGA.

Vice President, Sarah Rose Remmes
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