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Student Government Senators

SGA's main legislative body is the Student Senate which conducts most of our business and fills the committees. Senate positions are all elected at the fall of each year and serve a one year term. The requirements to represent your fellow students are to simply be an enrolled student at any branch of Georgia College, have a Grade Point Average of at least 2.75 or higher and be in good academic standing. To inquire about future elections or appointments, please contact the SGA Vice President at
What is an SGA Senator?
In brief, the SGA senator is a liaison between the students and SGA.  They represent their constituency, which may be a particular class at Georgia College or the whole campus community in an "at large" position, depending on what seat they are elected to. If your RSO wants funding through SGA, you have a complaint about the campus or anything that affects you as a student it is the Senator's job to take that complaint or request and make sure that it is brought to SGA's attention. The Student Senate is 25 strong and we're listening.
What does a Senator Do?
One of the primary jobs of a Student Government Senator is to attend and represent their constituents at the Student Senate Meetings held most Wednesdays during the school year. Although these meetings are open to all students, only Senators may vote. It is the Senator's job to act as the liaison between the students and SGA.
Outside of Senate, senators work on one or more committees where they work more "hands on" on legislation, policy and special projects for the students. These may include bills to allocate SGA funds to individual RSOs or Resolutions to change University Policy or make a statement.
Senators also have somewhat of a public role as the represent the students at University Events, Orientations, Social Events and assist in the Mr. and Ms. Georgia College and SGA elections.

SGA Constitution
Article III, Section A - C
The Legislative Officers of the student body shall be chosen by the direct vote of the student body by the first twenty-eight (28) days of fall semester and will begin their one year Senate term upon taking the “Oath of Office” as a senator.
  1. The membership of the Senate shall be apportioned by class status.
  2. There shall be five senators from each of the following classes: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.
  3. In addition, there shall be five (5) at-large positions, which shall be open to any qualified candidate regardless of class rank.
  4. Classification shall be determined by the number of credit hours earned at the time of the senate election.
  1. Any enrolled student at Georgia College & State University with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher and in good academic standing, shall be eligible to run for election or be appointed to the Senate. If a senator’s GPA falls below the requirement, he or she shall be automatically removed from office at the end of the current academic semester.
  2. If any senator should fall into poor judicial standing with the university, they shall be subject to a mandatory hearing with the Student Judicial Board. The Judicial Board will have the authority to remove any senator who the justices deem unfit to hold office, due to his or her judicial standing, by way of a simple majority vote.


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