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Past Mr. and Ms. Georgia College's

Past Mr. Georgia College's

  • 1991-Albert Nelson
  • 1992-Shane Fleeman
  • 1993-Cedric Howard
  • 1994-David Haliburton
  • 1995-Marlo Harris
  • 1996-Daniel Holmes
  • 1998-David Vernedoe
  • 2001-Dirk Ledford
  • 2002-Herby Agnew
  • 2003-Brad Davis
  • 2004-Drew Ashton
  • 2005-Bret Benson
  • 2012-Ross Daniel
  • 2013-Thad Thompson
  • 2014-Nassim Talbi

Past Ms. Georgia College's

  • 1961-Jo Ann Conner
  • 1962-Angelo Hunt
  • 1963-Olynda Butler
  • 1964-Sharon Winn
  • 1965-Betty Ann Bailey
  • 1966-Brenda Dunagan
  • 1967-Sara Ann George
  • 1968-Karen Caldwell
  • 1969-Collen Taylor
  • 1970-Mary Jane Hunt
  • 1971-Debra Elaine Savage
  • 1972-Donna Taylor Rigdon
  • 1973-Angie Berry
  • 1974-Jan Foskey
  • 1975-Monica Manns
  • 1976-Mary Lawrence Neligan
  • 1977-Nancy Hargrove
  • 1978-Ginger Vaughn
  • 1979-Gayla Norris
  • 1980-Kim Hall
  • 1981-Lynn Adams
  • 1982-Cheryl Carrouth
  • 1983-Minette Marcial
  • 1984-Jennifer Turner
  • 1985-Cindy Few
  • 1986-Traci Green
  • 1988-Tracie Williams
  • 1989-Pam Hines
  • 1990-Melissa Danner
  • 1991-Pam Green
  • 1992-Jan Beddingfield
  • 1993-Carla Nelson
  • 1994-Ava Allen
  • 1995-Jodi McGaha
  • 1996-Lisa Jones
  • 1998-Davi Duggan
  • 2001-Jennifer Hill
  • 2002-Leah Marie Blasingame
  • 2003-Ashlin Stephens
  • 2004-Reese Fitzpatrick
  • 2005-Tracy Hayes
  • 2012-Sarah Mead
  • 2013-Mackenzie Burgess
  • 2014-Sammi Shapiro


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