SGA Cabinet

As the head of all staff positions in SGA, the Chief of Staff:

  • Assists the Staff in seeking out special projects within their area of concentration.
  • Directs staff meetings to ensure that staff members are working in an effective and efficient manner to reach their goals. 
  • Reports progress of the staff to the Executive Officers during weekly meetings.

In addition, the Chief of Staff serves as the Director of Thunder. In this capacity, the Chief of Staff:

  • Manages the performances of Thunder.
  • Maintains the schedule of events and budget for Thunder.
  • Seeks out high impact and appropriate opportunities for appearances.
  • Escorts Thunder to and from events as needed.


Chief of Staff

Austin Hughes


The Co-Directors of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs acts as a liaison between SGA and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Maintaining contact between the two, the directors will:

  • Develop and perpetuate strong relationships between SGA and Greek organizations on campus
  • Assist in the promotion of Greek Life throughout the Georgia College community
  • Coordinate joint community service projects for Greek Life and SGA
  • Inform SGA of issues surrounding Greek Life
  • Promote Greek Unity between organizations
  • Enforce guidelines set in place by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life


Director of Fraternity Sorority Life

Addy Maddox




Georgia College is going Green! The Director of Environmental Affairs, with the assistance of the Assistant Director, is responsible for communicating sustainability within the Georgia College community, while giving students an opportunity to join and support the many environmental groups and organizations offered on campus. The Director will:

  • Promote recycling for students on and off campus
  • Search for new and innovative ways for Georgia College to improve its Green initiative
  • Work with campus organizations to help foster new ideas to continue to further Georgia College's Green efforts
  • Provide waste reduction opportunities and quality recycling services to students and campus clients
  • Find new ways for Georgia College to reduce its environmental impact

The Georgia College Recycling Program and sustainability effort was established in 2009, by then President Dorothy Leland.

Do you need a recycling bin?

In order for you to adopt-a-bin, please fill out the form below and a member of the Program staff will get in touch with you. Thank you for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Partner Organizations on Campus:

Campus Green Initiatives Committee

Sustainability Council

Georgia College Environmental Science Club

If you are interested in participating in our efforts, please email


Director of Environmental Affairs

Julia Steele


The Director of Athletic Affairs shall do as follows:

  • Supervise and manage the performances of Thunder.
  • Manage travel arrangements for Thunder to and from appearances.
  • Actively seek opportunities for Thunder that are high impact and appropriate.
  • Act as an escort to the costumed Thunder mascot as needed.
  • Reports to the Chief of Staff.

Reserve Thunder for your event 

Director of Athletic Affairs

Brad Spinner


The Director of University Housing Affairs works alongside SGA and the Georgia College Resident Student Association. The Director will:

  • Act as a liaison between University Housing and SGA
  • Identify and address issues that impact both on and off campus residents
  • Seek out opportunities to further on campus housing throughout the Georgia College community
  • Search for new ways to promote on campus housing to the student body

Director of University Housing Affairs

Daniel Goorsky




The goal of the Director of Governmental Affairs is to provide the most up-to-date and relevant political material to the Georgia College community. The Director of Governmental Affairs will also work to provide Georgia College students with the opportunity to participate in the Legislative processes that most directly affect them.

The Director will:

  • Serve as a liaison between our elected officials, civic leaders and the SGA’s administration 
  • Keep campus leaders up to date on the rapidly changing political climate at the local, state, and national levels
  • Partner with local, state, and national elected as well as appointed officials to benefit Georgia College 
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to get involved with their elected officials
  • Strive to keep Georgia College a politically active and aware campus
  • Attend monthly council and commission meetings
  • Coordinates GC Day at the Capitol
  • Follow legislation of interest in the Georgia General Assembly and United States Congress

Want to get involved?
Contact the Director of Governmental Affairs, D. Wesley Applebury, via email at or stop by the Student Government Association’s offices in the Student Activities Center to learn more about what you can do to help.

Want to track a bill in the Georgia General Assembly?
Track Legislation

Links of Interest:
Milledgeville City Hall - Home Page
Baldwin County

Director of Governmental Affairs

LeAnn Whitley

The Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs is responsible for helping all Bobcats feel included and heard on a campus wide scale. From small problems to big ideas, the Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs wants to help Georgia College students as much as possible while promoting tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity education.

The Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs will:

  • Promote a safe and welcoming environment on campus for all Bobcats despite race, religious beliefs, disabilities, gender preference or sexual orientation.
  • Identify issues of misunderstanding and hate on campus and in turn seek ways of promoting understanding and respect
  • Work directly with minority student groups and act as a direct liaison to the Student Government Association
  • Create diversity educational opportunities that are available to all students.
  • Encourage discussion of current local, national and global issues of race, religious beliefs, disabilities, gender preference and sexual orientation
  • Provide a safe space for all Bobcats.
  • Help to enact the Diversity Action Plan by working directly with the Director of Institutional Equity, Dr. Womack

For more information of the Diversity Action Plan please email the Director of Institutional Equity Dr. Womack at

Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs

Cedric Norris

The primary job of the SGA Press Secretary is to manage and maintain media relations with on-campus and off-campus media outlets. In addition, the Press Secretary will:

  • Maintain the different types of media sources used in house by SGA 
  • Ensure that the media sources are being effectively utilized for communication to constituents, Senators, and Executives
  • Deliver information in a timely manner to faculty, staff and the student body
  • Promote SGA through on-campus media outlets, including but not limited to the campus radio, newspaper, Bobcat Vision and email lists

Kathryn Johnston

Press Secretary

The Surgeon General of the Student Government Association is responsible for addressing all matters of public health on campus.
The Surgeon General will:

  • Promote healthy eating habits
  • Educate the campus community on the Tobacco Free policy
  • Work with Counseling Services to address issues of mental health and eating disorders
  • Promote awareness weeks (health-focused)
  • Start support groups on campus

Surgeon General

Meredith Manning



Director of Service Advancement

Madeline Olliff


The Director of Service Advancement serves as a liaison between SGA and the GIVE Center, works closely with service organizations to find ways for SGA to serve them best, and to assist in SGA fundraising efforts for the Student Emergency Fund