Thank you for your interest in reserving Thunder, Georgia College's official mascot, for your next event! Please review this appearance contract, and fill out the form located here.

The following terms and conditions apply to all Thunder appearances.

  • Thunder will be paid the Georgia State Rate per mile for gas if the appearance is out of the Milledgeville area. Please have a check ready upon arrival.
  • A meal must be provided if the appearance is over four hours away (or if it is during meal hours).
  • A private and lockable place for Thunder to change must be provided.
  • It must be understood that Thunder's maximum time in the suit is 45 minutes for an appearance and less than that in excessive heat and humidity.
  • Thunder makes appearances for no charge, other than gas mileage.


Thunder is located under University Advancement.

For more information about Thunder, please contact SGA.
Call the SGA Offices at 478-445-2795 or
email the SGA Chief of Staff at