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Week of Events

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enterprise Car Rental - Vehicle displayed and representative talked with students about opportunities for renting vehicles.

Lake University Workshop

In cooperation with the Georgia Lake Society, the GC Sustainability Office and the GC W.E.T. Shades of Green brought the “Lake University Workshop” on September 25, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to Georgia College. Sixty two individuals attended the event. Of those in attendance, 45 were GC students, five professors, and 12 community members. All GC students’ registration was free (sponsored by GLS) and all students received 1 year membership to the Georgia Lake Society, a 25 year affiliate of the North American Lake Management Society. This workshop was designed to educate individuals about algae and algal blooms in Lake Sinclair and the factors that cause some of the blooms to turn toxic. The workshop briefly introduced algae and current research done by GC students on Lake Sinclair. The workshop also included practical methods for preventing algal blooms and what actions should be taken if a bloom does occur. Dr. Kalina Manoylov (Aquatic ecologist) and Dr. Samuel Mutiti (Hydro geologist), GC professors; Mr. Mark Johnson, President of Georgia Lake Society; and Dr. William Tietjen, professor emeritus at Georgia Southwestern University and Mr. Robert Dunn (GC graduate student and Secretary of GLS) presented at the workshop. Georgia DNR spoke about regulations on Georgia Lakes and lake tributaries. The participants were engaged in discussion with the guests about the future of Lake Sinclair and how some of the methodologies presented can be utilized in other counties like Rockdale county aquatic habitats. GC Shades of Green Board members in attendance were: Dr. Kalina Manoylov, Dr. Doreen Sams, Mr. Ronald Smith, and Mrs. Lorraine Strawder. Two senior marketing majors, Ivan Manoylov and Jade Disque produced the marketing assets to promote this event. A special thanks goes to Holly Nix, senior at GC, for all of her hard work to make this program happen. Mr. Robert Dunn, a Biology graduate student worked tirelessly with Dr. Manoylov and Dr. Sams to organize the event. Robert was also responsible for registration for the event. Mr. Raliegh Burch (Undergraduate student, Environmental Science major) and Ms. Laura Aycock (Graduate student, Biology) manned the registration table. From a pre-post survey of the respondents, the event was a successful learning event for all.

Green space in front of Russell Auditorium
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