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Eco-Art Exhibition Located in Atkinson 205 Monday 4/22 - Wednesday 4/24


GC Shades of Green would like to extend an open invitation to students, graphic artists, community artists, and any other interested individuals to participate in the Georgia College & State University’s Shades of Green Eco-Art Exhibition.  The art exhibition is open to students, community members both professional and amateur so long as the artist is over the age of 18 years old.

Shades of Green is an annual open forum for the community; businesses; and Georgia College’s students, faculty and staff interested in learning about: sustainability, eco-friendly careers, and the ever-growing green economy.  An ever-growing portion of the Shades of Green Symposiums has included involvement of the arts and the role artists play in making sustainability and environmental issues visual on campus and in the community. This year’s Shades of Green theme is W.E.T. (Water, Energy, & Transportation); however, the artwork may venture outside the theme if desired. For more information on Shades of Green visit the Georgia College website (in the process of being updated for this year’s event) http://www.gcsu.edu/shadesofgreen/home.htm or visit the Green Art Ed website at http://greenarted.weebly.com/shades-of-green.html.

Proposal of artwork should be submitted with the following to jen.green.art.ed@gmail.com:

  1. A hi-resolution, print ready and a 600 x 800 image for the website of your artwork for screening by March 30, 2013.
  2. Measurements of your artwork and any special needs for displaying your work. The ability to accommodate large installations will be determined on an individual basis taking into account the materials, size, weight and the artist’s ability to install a large works. Please make a note on the form if this is a consideration you would like to discuss. 
  3. A signed ‘Agreement for Eco-Art Artists’ below (if you do not have a digital signature please make the document a PDF and electronically sign the paperwork or contact me and we will make other arrangements)
  4. A 150+ word artist statement describing your bio a description of how this work(s) fulfils the role of being considered environmental art. Category of Artwork - Thematic Impact (pertaining to the environment) or Original Use of Environmental Materials

(For more information on Environmental Materials and Environmentally Friendly Art Mediums you can access the Earthday Network PDF at http://gogreen.ccs.k12.nc.us/files/2012/05/Green-Art-Supplies-Background.pdf or check your art supplies for the seal of approval from the Arts & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI)

Your contact information including:

  1. Your full legal name (you may write your nickname too)
  2. An email address
  3. A postal address
  4. A phone number
  5. A note indicating whether you will be providing your own easel if required (number of easels are limited).

Be creative! We are able to accommodate many forms of artwork.  The work will be displayed in Milledgeville, Georgia at Georgia College’s Magnolia Ballroom from April 22, 2013 through noon on April 24, 2013.  There will be many symposium panel discussions and speeches in the ballroom during the time that your work(s) is/are displayed so if your work(s) is/are chosen to be displayed, please be sure that when the final piece(s) are delivered to deliver several cards with information about the artist to leave out with your work(s).

Display categories will be broken down into only two as environmental art has many sub-categories.  The art may be entered either as a Thematic Impact Piece(s) or as an Original Use of Environmental Materials Piece(s).  Please indicate which category your art work(s) should be displayed with or identified with.  By only utilizing two categories the artist is then freer to be creative, personal, and original.

Artwork should have an environmental message via the statement, the medium used, or the way it offers viewer an alternative way to view and connect with the natural world.

The space is limited so early acceptance of your artwork is essential to guarantee you a space.

Eco-Art Rules and Guidelines

It is important to read each point carefully.  As the theme of the 2013 Shades of Green Symposium is W.E.T. (Water, Energy, & Transportation) art conveying this theme would be appreciated, but not necessary to be accepted for exhibition since environmental art is a topic, which is important on so many topics. 

The following guidelines do apply:

  1. The call for eco-art is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is an environmental artist via their theme or use of materials
  2. Each artist may submit 3+ pieces of their work depending on size and space available
  3. All artwork must be titled and must have information about the materials used
  4. Artwork for consideration should be in the form of a photograph for the decision process and the artwork itself will need to be available for delivery to by dates specified (late arrivals are not acceptable)
  5. Artwork entry proposals should follow the guidelines above and email is preferred to keep paper use to a minimum

Shades of Green Eco-Artist Exhibition

W.E.T. (Water, Energy, Transportation)

Artwork Entry Application and Consent Forms

ARTWORK ENTRY DEADLINE:           March 30, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

Artist’s Name:  ____________________________________________

Email Address:  _____________________________________________________


City/State:  _________________________________

Zip:  ____________________

Phone (cell or home):  ____________________________________________________

Each Work of Art Must Have The Following Information:

A label with the artist’s last name and first name initial along with WET2013 should be part of each image file submitted. (For example, an image for Jeniffer Sams in a group of 3 images would have the following file names: SamsJWET2013Image1.jpg / SamsJWET2013Image2.jpg / SamsJWET2013Image3.jpg)

Biography and statements should be submitted with a similar file name to include the artist’s last name, first initial, WET2013, and Bio. (For example, SamsJWET2013bio.docx)

A word document image list should be submitted as part of the email or package and should include

  • Artist's name and contact information
  • Titled: Image list
  • Image 1: Title (for artwork)
  • Year (created - optional)
  • Size (height, width, depth) if applicable
  • Material / Medium used


 For entry details: address your email to gcsog13@gmail.com

justin Harrison - Copyrighted Work
Photography by Justin Harrison (copyrighted)
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