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GM logoGeneral Motors Corporation sponsoring staging of vehicles, test drives, panel discussion + the W.E.T. Lip Dub.

General Motors

GC Shades of Green W.E.T. Symposium Greenbacks Sponsors

The Heart of Georgia Energy Coalition - Website.

In 2009, President Obama said, “We cannot be prisoner’s of the past. It’s no longer a question whether the jobs and industries of the 21st Century will be centered around clean, renewable energy. The only question is which country will create those jobs & industries. And I want that answer to be the United States of America.” The Heart of Georgia Energy Coalition (HGEC) wants those jobs & industries located here, in Middle Georgia.

We can court various industries, companies, even business moguls; but until we have a support structure of educated professionals & an educational system participating in training & retraining, there will be no “boom” here in Georgia. This struggle isn’t unique to the energy field itself. During every major market movement, from the gold rush to the dot-com explosion, the drivers of the economy have not been in the central event itself but in the peripheral support activities – the picks & shovels. During the gold rush, suppliers of tents, pans, picks, shovels, jeans, etc., made the money; during the dot-com boom, the money was in the markets of servers, web hosting, & site development, not in the website itself.

The HGEC brings together individuals, communities, businesses, & government to build a new energy economy in Georiga and the Southeast in order to generate jobs, develop new markets, and increase energy efficiency. We want those "pick and shovels" made right here, in Middle Georgia.

 In ‘79, President Jimmy Carter drew a line in the sand saying, “Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in ‘77 – never.” In that year, we imported 8.5 million barrels a day. In 2006, President Bush said, ‘America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world.” Today we import over 12 million barrels a day. In perspective, if Exxon-Mobile were a country, it would have the 24th largest economy in the world, just after Saudi Arabia. At the fundamental level, the American Dream is about being Independent, being Free. As long as the United States is dependent on foreign oil, we will never be truly free or independent.  Today the HGEC is drawing the line in the sand; the push forward starts here.

Mr. Phil Sams and Dr. Doreen Sams

Milledgeville, Georgia - Mr. Sams is the Senior Performance Engineering Consultant. Dr. Sams is an Associate Professor of Marketing at GC and a member of the Education Committee for the Sustainability Council.


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Green Utopia Group (2,500+) - Information about the sponsor appears on GC Shades of Green Website, sponsor's name appears in multiple printed ads & printed promotions + acknowledged at event kickoff + on printed GC Shades of Green Program and acknowledged across the series of events

True-Blue Greens ($1000 to 2,499) - Information about the sponsor appears on GC Shades of Green Website, sponsor's name appears on two print ads & two printed promotions + on printed GC Shades of Green Program + acknowledged at event

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Greening Group ($150 to $499) - Information about the sponsor appears on GC Shades of Green Website + acknowledged at sponsored event + sponsor's name is printed on event program.

Green Spectrum Group (up to $149) - acknowledged at event.



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