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Information for Parents


We do not live in Georgia, is this program available for in-state tuition through the Academic Common Market (ACM)?

The B.S. in Outdoor Education are approved by the Southeast Region Education Board (SREB) for inclusion in the Academic Common Market (ACM). This distinction enables students whose home state does not offer these specific majors to seek approval from their ACM state coordinator to attend Georgia College and pay in-state tuition. Participating states include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Interested students should contact the ACM home state coordinator at the Southern Regional Education Board website. Ask if there is a graduate major in outdoor education administration or an undergraduate major in outdoor education in the home state public university system. If not, request permission to apply for the major of interest at Georgia College. Once permission is granted, our programs will be visible to you on the ACM website. Let us know if you need assistance by contacting us at

Where are your graduates working?

Our graduates are employed in a wide-range of settings that use outdoor adventure activities to enhance their mission and goals. Several examples are available on the undergraduate and graduate career options pages on this site. As well, the resources page offers a list of links to professional organizations and databases that include employment boards and job announcements.

Are there extra expenses with this major?

The short answer is that like other professional degrees, there are considerable applied learning requirements and credentials that are required for degree completion. We suggest that students plan to spend approximately $2000 beyond tuition, student fees, housing, and food over the two or four year period they are at Georgia College. In some cases a student may elect to complete a requirement that is above or below our estimate and this is often based on their career goals and the number and type of credentials that are current when they enter the program. We encourage our students to apply for scholarships and seek opportunities for employment at our Outdoor Center or with other units or businesses on campus that will cooperate with their busy academic schedule.

* Professional Equipment

Outdoor education students are expected to invest in personal, professional equipment that meets our expectations for participating in several outdoor activities and/or leading programs at the Outdoor Center at Georgia College. An equipment list is provided at the beginning of the year and students are encouraged to anticipate their equipment responsibilities (birthdays, etc.) and when possible, use our professional equipment acquisition vendors to get the best price for the best equipment. Program equipment such as canoes, climbing ropes, wet suits, tents, etc. is provided for all class-related needs. Students who have personal gear may use it on approval by the course instructor.

* Class Trips

Many classes include field experiences. Students can expect to pay a fee for these trips toward the cost of transportation (when personal vehicles are not used), food rations, camping permits, and on occasion professional training credentials that are delivered through a third party vendor. Fees are calculated on a per course basis.

* Professional Credentials

Professional credentials are an important expectation for professional outdoor educators to acquire or keep current. Several credentials are included in course requirements (i.e. Wilderness First Aid, CPR, AED, American Canoe Association canoe and kayak training, Cave Leadership, Leave No Trace Instructor, etc.) and others are pre-requisite to other courses (i.e. Wilderness First Responder is pre-requisite to the Internship). Several are offered through our Outdoor Center at Georgia College and our students pay a fee that is less than what the general population is charged. Other credentials are offered through third party vendors.

* Professional Conference

All outdoor education majors are required to attend a professional conference prior to graduation. We encourage students to select a conference in conjunction with the advisor that meets their career goals. Options vary in a given year on the basis of location, cost, and timing.

How do I contact my child when he/she is out on a class trip?

Our policy and procedures for backing up a class or Outdoor Center program in the field are accredited by the Association for Experiential Education. The person (faculty member or graduate assistant) who is the field supervisor is available on a 24 hour basis to manage communications from the field and from parents or significant others. We use a pager system that can be accessed by calling 866-647-3157 and leaving a return phone number. The field supervisor will relay the message to the lead instructor in the field.

I’ve heard there may be class trips over school breaks. When are these?

On occasion there are class trips on breaks. Some are known well in advance and others may occur because a trip has been cancelled due to weather or some other unforeseen circumstance and must be made up before the end of a given semester. An example of a trip that is known well in advance is one that senior undergraduates and graduate students take is the 4-H National Congress held in Atlanta on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. The outdoor education calendar is accessible on our webpage and we do our best to keep it up to date. Class trips and weather alternatives are included in course syllabi.

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