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M.A.T. Essential Course Admission Prerequisites

  1. Human Anatomy & Physiology or two integrated courses in Anatomy & Physiology or Human Development.
  2. Developmental Psychology or Human Development.
  3. Behavioral Statistics, Measurement & Evaluation, or Research Methodology.
  4. An in-depth Fitness/Wellness course (i.e., personal health).
  5. Exercise Physiology.
  6. Kinesiology or Biomechanics, or one integrated course in Anatomical Kinesiology/Movement Analysis.
  7. Motor Learning and Motor Development, or one integrated course in Psychomotor Development & Learning (i.e., Motor Behavior).
  8. Exercise Leadership, Strength & Conditioning, or Health/Exercise Promotion.
  9. First Aid/CPR.
  10. Activity based courses or relevant certificates which reflect both formal educational experiences leading to knowledge-based and skilled competencies in the following knowledge/skill-based activity areas (minimum of one in each of the areas): 

    Being an athlete on a team would work for specific areas; taking some wellness courses in these areas; utilizing the Outdoor Center offerings, KINS 4403, etc…

      a. Area One: Individual, dual, or team sports (i.e., basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, gymnastics, martial arts, fencing, archery, etc)
        b. Area Two: Dance or Rhythmical Activities (i.e., ballet, jazz, modern ballroom, folk, square, etc.)
        c. Area Three: Fitness (i.e., aerobics, yoga, therapeutic exercise, weight training, conditioning, etc.)
        d. Area Four: Outdoor/Adventure related skills (i.e., canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, adventure games/activities, etc.)
        e. Area Five: Aquatics (i.e., swimming, lifesaving ARC certification, SCUBA, water aerobics, etc.)



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