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Outdoor Education Policies

Policy System in Outdoor Education

Outdoor education academic classes teach knowledge and skills that may be applied to the broad range of settings in which graduates are employed.  The Outdoor Center at Georgia College (OC) programs use specific policy and procedures for selected activities to ensure consistency in program delivery.  Handbooks, manuals, course syllabi, and forms provide detailed information and may apply to academic programs or courses, OC programs and services, or administrative functions.  For detailed information about the Department's policy system refer to the Department of Outdoor Education Policy and Procedures Manual below.

Policy and Procedures Manual (.pdf)

Challenge Course Facilitator Handbook (.pdf)

Policy Announcements

May 4, 2012 - Element closings: Port Hole and Dynamic Team Element have been closed permanently.

Feb. 17, 2011 - Policy Changes Recommended by OE Staff in Fall 2011

All changes/additions noted in red.

Policy changes:

  1. On page 2-7: revise item under both Lead and Assistant Facilitator from “current CPR, First Aid, and epinephrine administration certification;” to “”.current CPR, First Aid, AED, and epinephrine administration certification;
  2. On page 5-20: add additional bullet #7 to the end of the current section: “An AED will be located in Lake Laurel Lodge on East Campus for use by all DOE programs.”

Water-based Activities: Whitewater Canoeing, Kayaking, & Rafting
(pgs. 8-11 and 8-12)

8. Program staff will comply with American Canoe Association risk management requirements for specific venues and activities.

a. Wear properly fitted paddling helmets in moving water when using thigh straps (or similar outfitting) or in class II water and above.

b. Ensure an appropriate level of flotation for the venue.

c. In Class I-II whitewater carry 2 throw-ropes for groups of up to 10 participants and 1 throw-rope for every 5 participants for groups of more than 10 participants.

d. In Class III or more whitewater carry 2 throw-ropes for groups of up to 8 participants and 1 throw-rope for every 4 participants for groups of more than 8 participants.

Water-based Activities: Kayak Touring (pgs. 8-8 and 8-9)

7. Program staff will comply with American Canoe Association risk management requirements.

a. In protected and unprotected coastal waters outfit boats with additional flotation appropriate for the venue.

b. In protected coastal waters carry 1 bilge pump or bailer for every 2 boats.

c. In unprotected coastal waters carry a bilge pump or bailer in each boat.

d. In unprotected waters equip each boat with a paddle float.

e. Wear properly fitted paddling helmets during launchings and landings in breaking surf greater than one foot. Helmet use may be appropriate in other areas of rough water.

University Vehicles

1. a. Drivers must complete approval requirements in compliance with GC Human Resources (currently an online training).

5. a. Drivers will use a unique driver identification number to be used with the gas card.

5. c. For GC Rental Vehicles:

During normal work hours, original receipts for GC rental vehicles will be turned into Parking & Transportation Services with the Vehicle Transportation Request form.

After normal work hours, original receipts for GC rental vehicles will be placed in the provided envelope and left in the vehicle.

5. c. For Outdoor Education Truck:

Original receipts will be left in the outdoor education truck logbook in the Outdoor Education truck with the course ID or OC program name and date(s) on the receipt.

Vehicle Operation

1. The lead facilitator or course instructor will complete the pre-flight checklist prior to departure and the post-flight checklist upon return including recording mileage.

12. DELETE item #12


Nov. 30, 2011  -  The Team Traverse on the Dynamic Course is closed until further notice.

Oct. 5, 2011  - New procedure around zipline set-up. When setting up the zipline from the Tango Tower platform, parachute cord for the climbing wall below should be completely removed from the belay bars. CCFH 8-15, #2.

Oct. 5, 2011 - The Department of Outdoor Education has recently purchased an AED device. It will be located in Lake Laurel Lodge on East Campus for use by all DOE programs. Lead and assistant facilitators will be required to have AED training on file once the new policy is implemented. The new policy will be implemented as of January 1, 2012.

Sept. 6, 2011 - Personal Use of Equipment by Staff form - As per the PPM 5-2, #6, program staff have the ability to reserve equipment for professional development. A form has been created for this purpose. Details about this procedure can be found in the PPM (3-10, #7).

Aug. 5, 2011 - As of Aug. 12 this page will not host academic program information for the Department of Outdoor Education.  Be advised to replace related references to this page on professional documents and browser links for access to syllabi, OE calendar, policy documents, photos, etc.



Announcements on this page are related to changes to policy document  that comprise the Department of Outdoor Education policy system including:

DOE Policy and Procedures Manual

OC Challenge Course Facilitator Handbook

Graduate Student Handbook

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Announcements about changes to academic course manuals  are made directly to student in related courses.

Announcements posted include:

date to which the announcement is or will be implemented,

document to which the announcement relates,

announcement or a summary of the announcement,

relevant procedures for implementing the announcement as appropriate,

additional information based on the nature of the announcement.


  • Announcements will also be sent to relevant distribution lists.
  • Questions should be directed to the Director of the Outdoor Center at Georgia College (Liz Speelman), the Chair of the Department of Outdoor Education (Jude Hirsch), the Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Programs (Jeff Turner), the Coordinator or Graduate Studies (Jude Hirsch), or the Coordinator of Applied Learning (Will Hobbs) based on the nature of the announcement.  


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