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Staff Development Guidelines

Staff Development is an important component for career advancement.  Staff is encouraged to take advantage of this benefit.
  1. Use the budgeted development amount set aside by Staff Council and divide the amount in half. Half of the money will be allocated for the period July through December and the other half will be allocated January through June. The funding is offered on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. The funding limit will be $200 per person per six-month allocation period (i.e. July through December and January through June).
  3. To promote as many professional development opportunities, funding will be limited to one person per department/unit for a similar professional development opportunity within the same period.  Exceptions to the Staff Development Guidelines will be taken into consideration by the Staff Development Committee.  Staff members benefiting from development opportunities are encouraged to share their experiences with other staff to promote additional development among other staff.   We want staff to come back to campus and share their educational experiences with other staff members.   
  4. Courses offered through Georgia College education opportunities (i.e. CE/PS, etc.) are to be considered above other equal educational providers.  If a similar course is offered through Georgia College recourses (i.e. Continuing Education, etc.) or by other means at a lower cost then the lower of the two costs will be paid. The employee can attend the higher course, but the difference in funding will be made up with departmental or personal funds.
  5. Annual/Professional membership dues are not eligible for staff development funds.
  6. Staff Development funds are intended to be used as a supplement to departmental funds and they are not intended to replace departmental funds.  Applicants must be at least a half-time (20 or more hours per week) and must have completed the 6 month probationary period, to be eligible for Staff Development funds.
  7. Applicants should make every effort to honor the registration commitments made. If an applicant does not attend the development opportunity for which they applied, the employee will not be allowed to use Staff Development funds for the remainder of the current semester through the end of the following full semester.  Repeat offenses may cause the employee’s eligibility to be reviewed for future use of funds.  
  8. The annual cut-off for Staff Development Funds to be considered for the current fiscal(budget) year will be April 15. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the next normal business day will be the due date.
  9. Exceptions to the Staff Development Guidelines will be taken into consideration by the Staff Development Committee.
  10. Written appeals will be reviewed and decided upon by the Executive Committee.

Adopted by Staff Council, September 16, 2010. Revised August 26, 2015.

Please complete the interactive application (.pdf).  When complete, please print the form and obtain approval from your supervisor.  Once signed by your supervisor, please deliver the application and the GC Purchase and Check Request to:

 Brittany McClure, Staff Development Chair, Campus Box 043


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