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Staff Appreciation Day Guidelines

This Celebration of Excellence provides recognition of staff at Georgia College who demonstrate:

  • A positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, faculty, students, and the general public; serves as role model to others.
  • Commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty, and is an asset to Georgia College.
  • A willingness to exercise servant-leadership, take initiative, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments for the good of the campus community as a whole.

Candidates for the award must meet the following criteria:

  • Employee must be a full-time staff member of Georgia College.
  • Employee must have been employed at Georgia College for at least one year.

NEW FOR 2015

The recipient of the award will receive $250 meritorious work in their base pay effective the following fiscal year.


  • Academic Affairs – Academics
  • Academic Affairs – Administration
  • Administrative Services and Campus Operations – Administration 
  • Administrative Services and Campus Operations – Facilities
  • President’s Office
  • Student Affairs
  • University Advancement

Disclaimer: The Staff Council Chair has the right to verify nomination content with the nominee’s supervisor. For privacy, the names of nominees will remain confidential (except for Staff Council Chair) and only information in the text boxes in the Nomination Form will be viewed by the Staff Council Staff Excellence Selection Award Committee to avoid any bias.

There are 3 easy ways to nominate:

  1. Online at gcsu.edu/scawards
  2. Return this completed form to Lindy Ruark at CBX 037 3. Call in a nomination to:

Eve Puckett at 1898 Cassie Napier at 5281 Evelyn Thomas at 4092

Brochures are also available at the Staff Council Newsletter boxes located:

  • Bottom Floor of MSU 
  • Centennial Center
  • Facilities
  • West Campus

The Celebration of Excellence Awards are processed by following the format below:

  1. Nomination forms are collected by Staff Council Chair.
  2. Nominee and nominator names are hidden from the Awards Committee.
  3. Multiple nominations will be batched together.
  4. The Committee reads the nominations and scores each nominee using the score sheet.
  5. The Committee calculates the total on each nominee and returns nominations to

Staff Council Chair.

Deadline for submission: Monday, March 23, 2015 

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