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Joe DeCamillis

Joe DeCamillis (b. 1963, Louisville, Kentucky) studied creative writing and literature at the University of Colorado and at UCLA.  After leaving his studies to set off on a multi-year driving tour, Joe began selling paintings at outdoor art fairs in order to support himself.  His work sold particularly well at the Magic City Art Connection and this association led to his receipt of “best of show” awards in 1995 and 2002.

Inspired by the light, detail, and longevity of the 16th and 17th century miniatures, Joe began rendering miniature paintings on copper.. He pushed the extremes of scale, often creating pieces smaller than a postage stamp.

After settling in Birmingham, Joe began an ongoing series named “A Drive-Thru America” in 2002, using the visual language of the highway to give access to implied human stories.  Drawing from his earlier creative writing days, his work integrates old books as a way to frame his detailed yet realistic small scale paintings. 

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