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Class Attendance Policy

Class Attendance Policy

Although it is recognized that absences will sometimes be necessary, students are expected to attend classes regularly. It is the responsibility of students to be cognizant of their own record of absences and to consult the instructor regarding work missed. The decision to permit students to make up work rests with the instructor. At any time during the semester an instructor has the right to assign a grade of F for excessive absences when a student exceeds the number of allowable absences specified in the instructor’s attendance policy distributed to the student in the instructor’s course syllabus. If a student is representing the University in an official capacity, as verified on a list released from the Office of the Provost, the instructor will not penalize the student for those absences. However, students should consult their instructor before anticipated absences.

Students who wish to have their instructors notified of a medical or family emergency necessitating their absence from classes, or who wish to provide documentation in support of a request for excused absences, make-up work, or grades of "W" or "I" due to an emergency, may contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Student Affairs staff will inform students about procedures, assist with communication to instructors, receive and file documentation, and advise students regarding their own self-advocacy; however, the final determination of excused absences, make-up class work, and grading is determined by the instructor.

The Student Health Clinic does not provide excuses for missing class.  Upon request, students can receive a verification of their visit to the clinic.  In certain cases, students may be advised to be on bedrest due to fever, degree of illness or infectivity. Students can request their faculty be notified in cases such as these examples. The student’s medical information is confidential and details of the illness are not released to the faculty member.


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