Services Provided

Treatment is available for most of minor illnesses and injuries and is provided by Nurse Practitioners. Students are seen by appointment. Call 478-445-5288 to schedule an appointment or login to Unify and select Medicat to book appointments online. Few walk-in slots are available.

Numerous lab tests are done in the clinic such as CBC’s (complete blood count), finger stick blood glucose, pregnancy tests, mono spot, rapid strep testing, flu testing, HIV testing, wet mounts and urine analysis. Numerous other lab tests are available and are sent out to the local hospital lab. See the “Insurance” tab for additional information.

Student Health Services does NOT administer allergy shots. Names of local physicians who do administer the shots can be provided to students. Call the clinic for additional information.

A network of referral services are available in the community and used when needed or if preferred. A close network exists between Health Services and Counseling, other campus departments, the Baldwin County Health Department and Oconee Regional Medical Center.

Health information and other types of educational materials are available in the clinic.

All medical information is confidential. Students must sign a "Release of Medical Information" form before any records or medical information can be released, except in the case of a life-threatening emergency or as required by law. 

Insurance is filed for visits to the clinic. The Student Health center files insurance for visits, lab work, and procedures performed at the clinic.  Because students pay a health fee each semester, there are no co-payments collected nor is there any balance billing from the clinic. The cost of medications prescribed is the student’s responsibility.  If a student has lab work done that is sent out to the hospital or to another lab, the cost of the lab then becomes between the insurance company, the lab, and the student. Students should present their valid insurance card at each visit and bring their Bobcat Card ID to each visit.

When registered for the current semester the Health Fee is automatically included in registration charges. If not enrolled for Maymester/and or summer, students registered for the upcoming fall semester have the option of paying a reduced Health Fee of $50 for use of the Student Health Clinic and the Wellness and Recreation Center during Maymester and summer semesters.

The Georgia Board of Regents has negotiated with United Health Care to provide an insurance plan for college students. Information on student insurance is available at


Clinic visits are through appointments. Few walk-in visits are available. Students who come to the Health Clinic on a walk-in basis will be given an appointment for either the same day or within a 24 to 48 hour period, depending on their health condition. If a walk-in student presents with an urgent care condition, they will be seen immediately. Students having an emergency event should go directly to the Emergency Room at Oconee Regional Medical Center.

If the student is 10 or more minutes late for the appointment, it may have to be rescheduled. Students should call the clinic if running late or to cancel the appointment. 


The National Collegiate Health Assessment, sponsored by the National College Health Association, is administered at Georgia College every two years in the Spring semester. This survey looks at various aspects of college health on topics such as physical fitness, nutrition, personal violence and safety, sexual health, mental health, sleep, alcohol and other drug use, academic impediments, and demographics of students. 

This information is used to determine what the health needs are at Georgia College, as well as determine how health promotion programming should be structured based on student responses.

Executive Summaries PDF


Get a Healthy-UV Free Mystic Spray Tan at Georgia College Student Health Services. This is a private, voice-automated and motion-activated, heated, high-definition spray tanning booth. 

 Call 478-445-1670 to book your appointment today!

Appointments are available Monday- Friday from 8:20 a.m. until 4:20 p.m. A consent form must be completed before anyone is allowed to tan. Payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Student Health Services accepts cash, check, credit or debit cards (no American Express) and Bobcat Cards that have money on the card. 

Tanning color choices for everyone: Light, Medium, or Dark 
Regular Tanning Price: $20 

Four tans for $50 is available year-round and the package must be completed by the end of the semester in which the package was purchased. Student Health Services does run monthly tanning specials as well. Please call (478) 445-1670 to see what special is currently being promoted.

Additionally, tans can be customized with spa scents, enhanced bronzer additives, and tanning development accelerators. These extras cost: Scents $2; Bronzers $5; Accelerators $5 
A regular tan is a clear solution that develops color over time; bronzers allow you to have instant color upon leaving the spray tanning booth. There are 2 shades of bronzer that can be added: a Single Boost or a Triple Boost.  Single Boost= 2-3 times darker than natural skin tone; Triple Boost= up to 6 times darker than natural skin tone (bronzer does wash away after the 1st shower). 
Accelerator cuts color development time in half and increases color depth and saturation (you will see color in 3 hours as opposed to 6 hours).

The Mystic Tanning booth is located in Student Health Services on the bottom floor of the Wellness and Recreation Center located at West Campus. Parking for Mystic Tanning is either in the small side parking lot near the Student Health/Counseling entrance or in the parking lot located next to the GC softball field. 



Students can receive a packet of condoms two times per semester from Student Health Services. Students interested in this program must come by the clinic and meet with the University Health Educator, show their Bobcat card, and initial a record sheet to obtain the condoms. Student Health Services has initiated this program to track how many condoms are distributed each academic year. Office hours do vary, so please check the schedule posted on the University Health Educator's door, located in the lobby of Student Health Services at the Wellness and Recreation Center. For more information, please contact the University Health Educator at (478) 445- 1670.

Student Health Services
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