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Treatment is available for most of minor illnesses and injuries and is provided by Nurse Practitioners. Students are seen by appointment. Call 478-445-5288 to schedule an appointment or beginning in August 2015, appointments can be made online. Few walk-in slots are available.

Numerous lab tests are done in the clinic such as CBC’s (complete blood count), finger stick blood glucose, pregnancy tests, mono spot, rapid strep testing, flu testing, HIV testing, wet mounts and urine analysis. Numerous other lab tests are available and are sent out to the local hospital lab. See the “Insurance” tab for additional information.

Student Health Services does NOT administer allergy shots. Names of local physicians who do administer the shots can be provided to students. Call the clinic for additional information.

A network of referral services are available in the community and used when needed or if preferred. A close network exists between Health Services and Counseling, other campus departments, the Baldwin County Health Department and Oconee Regional Medical Center.

Health information and other types of educational materials are available in the clinic.

Mystic Spray tanning is also available at Student Health Services. Spray tanning is done through a private booth. Normal tanning prices start at $20 per tan or $50 for a month of spray tanning. Call 478-445-1670 to book your appointment today.


All medical information is confidential. Students must sign a "Release of Medical Information" form before any records or medical information can be released, except in the case of a life-threatening emergency or as required by law.


Insurance is filed for visits to the clinic. Please see the "Insurance" tab for additional information.


Clinic visits are through appointments. Few walk-in visits are available. Students who come to the Health Clinic on a walk-in basis will be given an appointment for either the same day or within a 24 to 48 hour period, depending on their health condition. If a walk-in student presents with an urgent care condition, they will be seen immediately. Students having an emergency event should go directly to the Emergency Room at Oconee Regional Medical Center.

If the student is 10 or more minutes late for the appointment, it may have to be rescheduled. Students should call the clinic if running late or to cancel the appointment. 

Contact Information
Student Health Services
Campus Box 091
Phone 478-445-5288
Fax 478-445-3142
Clinic Director: Alice Loper, FNP-C

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