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Student Organization Handbook

Chapter 4:  Planning Meetings, Events and Activities

Event Planning Process

Many resources are available to help faculty, staff, students, and the public plan events on the GC campus. The Department of Public Services assists by reserving space for meetings, receptions, rehearsals, noncredit courses, and other nonacademic programs. The department also supervises a number of high-demand campus facilities including the Centennial Center Complex, Russell Auditorium, Chappell Hall, Lake Laurel Lodge, the tennis courts and pools, and Miller Dance Studio. One of the privileges associated with being officially recognized as a student organization is the ability to utilize these on and off-campus facilities for organizational events. It is the intent of Georgia College & State University to promote a wide variety of activities and to ensure successful events by assisting student organizations when possible.

Section 1:  Student Organization Activities and Events
In order to sponsor any activity on campus, an organization must be approved by the Student Government Association and the Department of Campus Life. Thereafter, organizations must register annually with the Department of Campus Life to sponsor events, activities or to reserve space on-campus. There may be many steps and approval processes involved in the successful execution of your event. The event approval process is in place to ensure that all of those steps are being followed correctly by each student organization.

A. Weekly Organization Meetings
All student organizations' general membership meetings held on campus must be open to the public unless:

  • It is exempted by the organization's state or national policies or charters.  This must be stated in your organization's constitution.
  • It is a closed session that was previously added to the agenda or added to the agenda with a majority vote (2/3) of the members and officers of the organization at the start of each meeting. Regular business meetings are scheduled through Public Services via the Facility Reservation System R25. Weekly organization meetings are always subject to the event approval process on a per meeting basis if any portion of the meeting's activities requires further approval. Student organizations who misuse their weekly meetings for other purposes or events without obtaining proper approvals may be subject to disciplinary action.

B. Events Requiring Approval
All student organization events held on-campus or funded by the university requires registration with Public Services via the Facility Reservation System (R25) and approval by the Department of Campus Life before the event may occur. Some of the parameters, which mark an event for further reviews to be included in the approval process, are:

  • Events open to the public (campus or community)
  • Fundraising (charge or donation)
  • Controversial speakers or performers
  • Outdoor amplified sound
  • Large outdoor displays
  • Dispensing of any food or beverage
  • Dispensing of alcoholic beverages
  • Sales of any type
  • Ticketed or admission-based events
  • Commercial representation
  • Use of copyrighted materials for public distribution or use
  • Recruitment efforts by off-campus organizations
  • Transportation
  • Physical activity
  • Organizational fairs
  • Events involving themes, costuming or activities that might portray inappropriate stereotypes of racial, cultural, religious, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected classes.

Reviews shall involve the event sponsor and a Campus Life representative to examine event logistics including staging and properties, food handling, safety, parking, and activities that might be perceived as demeaning or degrading. The Department of Campus Life may invite representatives from the campus community to advise it on the above areas. During such types of events, a representative from Campus Life and the student organization's on-campus faculty/staff advisor may be required to facilitate and monitor the activities.

Section 2:  On-Campus Event Approval
There are several important steps to observe when planning your event. To make sure that your event is well organized and ready for review by Public Services and Campus Life, remember to follow these steps. Keep in mind that many of these processes require the requestor to be a listed officer in your organization.

  • Contact Campus Life at (478) 445-4027 if you have any questions regarding student organization use of facilities.
  • If the event is on campus: Utilize and complete the R25 Facility Reservation Online form to make a tentative space reservation for the facility you would like to use.
  • All events are tentative until approved by Campus Life and Public Services via the R25 Facility Reservation System.
  • The student organization officer who submitted the R25 form will receive an email notification from Public Services/R25 with the status of the event.
  • After approval of your event, it is a good idea to check in and reconfirm with all of the parties involved in making your event a success, including your advisor.

Section 3:  Appearances, Appeals, and Waivers
Representatives from a student organization may be requested to appear before Campus Life or called upon to provide clarification about event approval requests. Failure to appear or to respond may result in the event request not being approved. Requests for waivers of university policies may be made in person and/or in writing to the Director of Campus Life. Appeals of decisions made by the Director of Campus Life should be directed to the Dean of Students.

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