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Chapter 6:  Fundraising and Sponsorship, Donations, & Affiliated Advertisement

Section 1: Fundraising (fundraising form)

Use of university facilities or grounds for fundraising must be approved by the Department of Campus Life. Requests for approval must be submitted to the Director of Campus Life. Fundraising, as it pertains to student organizations, is defined as the on-campus seeking of funds or support by a student group from sources other than its members, including the procurement of supplies and other forms of support; the selling or distribution of items, materials, products, or services; and the sponsorship of events where admission is charged. The distribution by student organizations of materials or commercial publications not protected by the First Amendment must also be approved.

I. To be approved, proposed student organization fundraising projects must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Projects may not in any way interfere with normal academic programs or functions.
  2. Requests should be submitted to the Department of Campus Life at least ten (10) business days prior to the proposed event.
  3. The proposed fundraising project must not interfere with existing university-operated services or contracts. Projects involving the sale or distribution of a commercially prepared product or service, or a product or service that may be available through an existing university-operated service, or through a university contract with a commercial vendor, may be subject to the university policy on solicitation, and must not violate related state laws and local ordinances.
  4. Priority for requests will be given to fundraising activities that are (a) educational in nature or directly related to the curriculum, (b) for philanthropic purposes, or (c) for the benefit of a large segment of the university population. Fundraising requests will not be granted for the personal benefit of an individual.
  5. Business Procedures: A contract, if applicable, may not be signed by an organization for a fundraising activity conducted on campus until it has been approved through the Department of Campus Life.
  6. A separate request must be submitted for every fundraising activity.
  7. Activities involving student organization fundraising or other projects covered by these guidelines are subject to the following:
    • Door-to-door residence hall contact is prohibited.
    • Use of the campus mail service is prohibited.
    • Fundraising is not permitted in buildings and other closed areas. Fundraising may be conducted only in such open areas as approved by the Department of Campus Life.
    • An organization may not use coercive acts that might intimidate those persons from whom support is sought.
    • All advertising must comply with the posting policy.

II. Fundraising activities by a registered Georgia College & State University student organization for political, religious, or public issue purposes that do not involve the sale of a product shall be regulated only as to time, place, and manner in the following ways:

  1. Such fundraising activities may be conducted in the Student Activities Center as designated by the Department of Campus Life.
  2. Fundraising activities shall not be conducted in offices, classrooms, corridors, food facilities, and other buildings or open areas of the campus.
  3. An organization shall not use coercive acts that might intimidate those persons from whom support is sought.
  4. Willful failure to comply with these rules will be grounds for denial of future requests and potentially other disciplinary actions.

Please Note:
  • Only organizations registered with the Department of Campus Life will be considered for fundraising on-campus.
  • Academic classes that require fundraising may be approved through the Department of Campus Life in consultation with the responsible faculty member.
  • All Fundraising Requests must be submitted at least ten (10) business days prior to the day of the fundraiser.


Section 2: Sponsorship, Donations, and Affiliated Advertisement


This policy outlines sponsorships, donations, both financial and non-financial, and advertising for outside individual companies, institutions, or organizations by specific Georgia College & State University (hereafter referred to as Georgia College) divisions, departments, units, and/or recognized student organizations.  The policy is applicable for solicitations of less than $1,000.

Additional Governing Policy

All sponsorships and donations in the amount of $1,000 or more must adhere to the guidelines of the Georgia College Office of University Advancement.


The Department of Athletics, The Colonnade, WGUR Radio Station, and GCTV Television Network are exempt from this policy.


Sponsor and sponsorship are individuals, companies, institutions, or organizations that provide monetary and/or non-monetary support for all or part of an event or organization that is organized by or associated with a Georgia College division, department, unit, or recognized student organization (RSO) in exchange for limited advertising rights.  For purposes of this policy, sponsorship and fundraiser are synonymous.

Donor and donations are individual, companies, institutions, or organizations that provide monetary and/or non-monetary support for all or part of an event or organization that is organized by or associated with a George College division, department, unit, or RSOs for which the donor is not entitled advertising rights by Georgia College.

Advertising rights are marketing communication (i.e., advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations, direct mailing, exhibitions, or any other communications intended to endorse an organization or promote its offerings) entitlements granted to an individuals, companies, institutions, or RSOs that permits advertisements as explained in this policy details. These include the use of logos, taglines, and other specifically unique characteristics associated with a vendor. It does not preclude the naming of a vendor or donor in a single line generic text as a means of “Thank you” within a program or other publication. 

Contract organizations are individuals, companies, institutions, or organizations that have a contractual agreement or informal agreement with Georgia College.  Typically, a contract organization provides goods and/or services to Georgia College or is a financial supporter of Georgia College.  Notwithstanding the nature of the relationship, Georgia College has sole discretion in determining contractual organizations for purposes of this policy.  A list of contract organizations as of November 1, 2009 is attached as Exhibit A.

Policy Details

1. Prior to starting any solicitation of sponsorship, donation, or fundraising effort, the Georgia College division(s), department(s), unit(s), and/or RSO(s) must contact the Department of Campus Life for initial approval.  Refer to Additional Governing Policy above for solicitations equal or greater than $1,000 per event.

2. Solicitation or acceptance of sponsorships from merchants or vendors in direct competition with a Georgia College contract organization is prohibited.  Refer to the Auxiliary Services website for a current listing of Georgia College contract organizations.

3. A Georgia College division, department, unit and/or RSO may apply to the Office of University Advancement to add an organization to the contract organizations list.  Prior approval of such is required before solicitation or acceptance of donations from non-contract merchants and/or vendors may be accepted in exchange for advertising rights.  

Any Georgia College division, department, unit, or RSO may not seek donations or solicit sponsorships from an organizations whose main focus (core product offering) is the manufacturing, distribution, or selling of alcoholic beverages (i.e., beers, wines or spirits).

Preference should be given to Georgia College contract organizations when soliciting sponsorship and/or donation opportunities.

A list of Georgia College contract organizations shall be available through and maintained by Auxiliary Services and available on its website. Available here.

Refusal of a sponsorship and/or donation by a Georgia College contact organization does not permit the soliciting division, department, unit, or RSO to seek or accept sponsorship and/or donations from a non-contract organization.  The soliciting division, department, unit, or RSO may seek to have the non-contract organization added to the Georgia College contact organization list by petitioning the Office of University Advancement. 

Georgia College divisions, departments, units, and RSOs are not permitted to use an event for the sole purpose of advertising sponsor(s) and/or donor(s). 

Georgia College divisions, departments, units, or RSOs and their representatives are prohibited from accepting solicitations and/or signing contracts with organizations, both contract organizations and non-contract organizations, to collect information that may be used for later solicitation by the organization. 

Advertising rights shall be limited to the following activities. 

  • Catering:  If appropriate for an event, approved by the Department of Campus Life, and consistent with Georgia College catering guidelines, sponsors shall be allowed one booth or table for the sole purpose of promoting its business.  Refer to the Auxiliary Services website for catering guidelines.  The Georgia College division, department, unit, and/or RSO seeking approval for such advertisement must assure that the solicitation is not in breach of catering guidelines.
  • Availability of Promotional Items:  Promotional items from a sponsor and/or donor must be unconditionally available (i.e., participation in activity cannot be required) to all organization or event participants.
  •  Print Advertisements:  Print advertisement of any kind (i.e., flyers, posters, direct mailings, banners, etc.) that displays a sponsor’s and/or donor’s name, logo, byline, or other visual communication that promote the sponsor and/or donor must be approved by Auxiliary Services prior to posting.



If a Georgia College division, department, unit, or RSO deviates from this policy, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the respective division.



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