Parking Services - Notice of Proposed Change

The Notice of Proposed Change (NPC) process was a Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) initiative designed to allow campus constituents an opportunity to voice their concerns and offer alternative views or solutions on proposed changes to the parking and transportation system at GC prior to the change being implemented.

A minimum, five day comment period will be established from the day of posting so that all interested parties may express their concerns, reasons, and opinions on the proposed change (longer comment periods may be used if deemed necessary).  This is NOT a vote; however, all comments will be reviewed and considered by the administration if they are presented with the required information and received prior to the closeout date posted.  Comments may be emailed to Parking & Transportation Services manager, or mailed to CBX 104.  Although there is not a standardized comment form, all comments must be typed and indicate in the title/subject line the six-digit NPC Number and include the author's full name, email address, and phone number.  If you have any questions regarding this process or the NPC please feel free to contact Parking & Transportation Services at the following number for more information.  (478)445-7433

Notice of Proposed Change

NPC Number

Description / Proposal (date posted)


Close out

















All NPCs have been in place for over one year.  No recent NPC's have been submitted 























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