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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Campus Life
Section 1: Welcome
Section 2: Principles of Community
Section 3: Diversity
Section 4: Membership
Section 5: Membership Development

Chapter 2: Student Organization Recognition Process
Section 1: Classification of Student Organizations
Section 2: Criteria for Registration of Student Organizations
Section 3: Process for Obtaining Official Recognition

  1. New Student Organizations
  2. Renewal of Continuing Student Organizations

Section 4: Changes or Updates to Your Student Organization
Section 5: Withholding/Withdrawing of Official Recognition
Section 6: Responsibilities of Recognized Student Organizations
Section 7: Organizational Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Membership
  2. Allocated Office Space
  3. Finance and Debt

Section 8: Benefits of Official Recognition
Section 9: Specialized Organizations

  1. Sport Clubs
  2. Sport Clubs Council
  3. Procedures for Affiliation
  4. Social Fraternities and Sororities

Chapter 3: Student Organization Advisors

Section 1: Benefits of Advising
Section 2: Advisor's Role
Section 3: Advisor Agreement
Section 4: Responsibilities of Student Organizations
Section 5: Questions to Ask Student Organization
Section 6: Advising Styles and Skills
Section 7: Liability and Risk Assumption
Section 8: Officer Transition
Section 9: Retreats
Section 10: Resources

Chapter 4: Event Planning
Section 1: Student Organization Activities and Events

  1. Weekly Organization Meetings
  2. Events Requiring Approval

Section 2: On-Campus Event Approval Process
Section 3: Appearances, Appeals, and Waivers
Section 4: Facility Use and Reservations
Section 5: Reserving Georgia College Facilities
Section 6: University Facilities Available for Reservations

  1. Facility Usage Guidelines and Policies
  2. Facility Specific Policies (Non-Auxiliary Services)
  3. Facility Specific Policies (Auxiliary Services)

Section 7: Outdoor Spaces and Events

  1. Free Speech/Expression Area(s)
  2. Information Tabling, Displays, Fairs, and Sales

Section 8: Furniture and Audio-Visual Equipment Use

  1. Audio-Visual Services
  2. Moving Crew

Section 9: Special Events Policies and Procedures

  1. Event Parameters
  2. Ticketing/Admission/Paid Registration
  3. Food Service and Sales
  4. Commercial Sales and Representation
  5. Promotion
  6. Security, Special Event, and Public Safety Staffing
  7. Outdoor Amplified Sound
  8. Publicity/Contracts/Purchases
  9. Copyrighted Materials for Public Performance

Section 10: Special Events Policies and Procedures

  1. Campus Demonstrations
  2. Dances/Concerts/Large Events and Activities/Controversial Programs and Speakers
  3. Fundraising Events

Section 11: Additional Event Planning Items
Section 12: Food and Beverages

  1. Food Service, Sale and Safety
  2. Food and Beverage at Off-Campus Events
  3. Food Handling Guidelines
  4. Safe Grilling Tips
  5. Serving Food Safely
  6. Transporting Food
  7. Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

Section 13: Publicity

  1. Information Tabling
  2. Publicity Opportunities

Chapter 5: Financial Management
Section 1: Funding Sources

  1. Student Activity Budget Committee
  2. Campus Activities Board

Section 2: General Financial Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Tax Reporting Regulations
  2. Obtaining a Tax ID Number (FEIN)
  3. Completing a W-9 Form
  4. Donations and Scholarships
  5. Consultant Payments
  6. Officers' Responsibilities: Checks and Balances
  7. Bank Accounts
  8. Financial Training Seminars
  9. Planning the Fiscal Year
  10. Periodic Reporting
  11. Budgeting
  12. Collecting Income
  13. Paying Bills
  14. Financial Reporting
  15. Student Organization Filing Requirements
  16. General Information

Section 3: Procedures for Non-SABC Funded Student Organizations

  1. Invoices
  2. Personal Reimbursement
  3. Paying Invoices
  4. Voiding Checks
  5. Petty Cash Fund
  6. Purchasing

Section 4: Procedures for SABC-Funded Student Organizations

  1. Invoices
  2. Personal Reimbursement
  3. Paying Invoices
  4. Petty Cash Fund
  5. Purchasing

Section 5: Risk Management and Insurance

Chapter 6: Fundraising and Sponsorship, Donations, & Affiliated Advertisement
Section 1: Fundraising Policy
Section 2: Sponsorship, Donations, & Affiliated Advertisement Policy

Chapter 7: Organizational Travel
Section 1: Student Organization Travel Approval
Section 2: Student Travel Funding
Section 3: Sport Clubs Travel
Section 4: Air Travel
Section 5: Other Organizational Travel

Chapter 8: Code of Conduct for Student Organizations
Section 1: Organizational Discipline
Section 2: Accountability of Organization Officers
Section 3: Individual Discipline
Section 4: Board of Regents Policy 406.01: Withdrawal of Recognition of Student Organizations

Chapter 9: Campus Policies Related to Student Involvement
Section 1: Campus Policies

  1. Advertising
  2. Banners
  3. Bobcat Vision
  4. Chalking
  5. On-Campus Dance Policy
  6. Political Flyers

Chapter 10: Policies for Social Fraternities & Sororities
Section 1: Definition of Social Fraternities and Sororities
Section 2: National Greek Governing/Coordinating Associations

  1. Governing Councils at Georgia College
  2. National Greek Governing/Coordinating Associations

Section 3: Administration
Section 4: Relationship Statement

  1. Fraternal Organizations

Section 5: Non-Hazing Policy
Section 6: Advisers
Section 7: Forming a New Greek Letter Organization
Section 8: Changes to Constitution/Local Charter
Section 9: New Member Education

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