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Student Organization Handbook

Chapter 4:  Planning Meetings, Events and Activities

Promoting Events on Campus

Section 13: Publicity

A. Information Tabling
Student organizations may conduct information tabling for publicizing their group and its activities in approved locations on campus.  The purpose of tabling is to provide GC student organizations with an outlet to disseminate information, to promote awareness, to recruit for involvement, and to raise funds.  Tabling is permitted by reservation through R25 and is subject to approval by Campus Life.  All university policies for publicity, food sales and service, commercial representation and sales, and other applicable regulations must be followed and the purpose of tabling approvals must be obtained before requests for tabling will be approved. 

Recognized student organizations can secure a table from the Information Desk in the Student Activities Center and must follow these guidelines:

  • Complete the space reservation request through R25.
  • Come to the Student Center Information Desk in the DEN in the Student Activities Center to pick up your table.
  • Provide a $10 deposit or a valid Bobcat Card, which will be returned when the table is returned. 
  • An Information Tabling Authorization Card will be issued to the recognized student organization as verification of approved status.  This card must be present at the table at all times or tabling operations will be shut down.  This card must also be returned along with table. 

1. Logistics
Tabling is permitted in specified tabling locations (e.g., Front Campus, Arts & Science Fountain, etc.) during academic semesters only, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.  Tabling is not permitted during Finals Weeks or break periods.  One table per organization can be checked out free of charge by the Information Office in the DEN at the Student Activities Center.  Requests are processed through the Student Center Information Desk.  For more information, contact the Student Center Information Desk at (478) 445-4027.

2. Approvals
Auxiliary Services is the authorizing department for commercials sales, promotion, and representation for the GC campus.  Approval must be obtained from Auxiliary Services located in MSU Room 114.  Once approved by Auxiliary Services, Campus Life will provide the table based upon the procedures outlined above. 

3. Food and Beverage
Commercial food and beverage products must be approved by Auxiliary Services and Campus Life. Environmental Protection & Occupational Safety, Auxiliary Services, Public Safety, or Campus Life may shut down a tabling event if policies and procedures are not followed. 

4. Exceptions
Requests for an exception to this policy must be made in writing to Campus Life no later than ten (10) business days in advance and will be reviewed, as appropriate. 

B. Publicity Opportunities

1. Bobcat Vision
a. Eligibility
The system is available to student groups, campus departments, and any other university affiliated entities.  Bobcat Vision is a student-fee supported program, as such, student events/announcements will be of a higher priority than posting requests from departments, auxiliary service groups, or any other university affiliated organizations. 

Bobcat Vision has limited space, yet reaches the entire campus, as such, not all posting requests will be honored, at the discretion of the Department of Campus Life.  The events/announcements that are posted to Bobcat Vision should be applicable to a large number of students within the university.  Moreover, the events should be open to the whole student body and should show diversity across majors, classifications, social status, etc.  Further, Campus Life will maintain the ability to post or remove a requested posting at any time pending the department's decision regarding the pertinence of a post as it relates to a significant portion of the student body. 

The Bobcat Vision advertising request form can be found here.

b. Rules and Requirements

  • Messages pertinent to only selected individuals or organization members or of a personal nature will not be displayed.
  • Messages  promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will not be displayed. 
  • Messages that refer to weekly meetings will not be displayed.
  • Messages will be displayed for no longer than a two (2) week period of time.
  • Messages cannot require changing more than two (2) times a week.
  • Messages to be considered for display must be submitted on a "Bobcat Vision Advertising Request Form" which can be located on OrgSync. 
  • Request forms must be submitted by 4 p.m. at least three (3) working days before the message is to be displayed. 
  • Content of the messages may be altered slightly to adjust to message board format.

2.  Banners
a. Banner Policy
Requests must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance to the Student Activities Center Information Desk.  Off-campus customers are not permitted to submit banner requests.  Campus Life reserves the right to refuse banners.  Student organization banners may be hung for no longer than one (1) week.  Campus Life cannot guarantee specific display locations, as they will be placed on a space-available basis.  For more information regarding banners see Chapter 9: Campus Policies Related to Student Involvement.

b. Guidelines

  • Banners must be no smaller than 2'x 6' and no larger than 3'x 10', made of sturdy canvas or vinyl and have grommets (wind vents are recommended).
  • Banners must be delivered to the Student Activities Center Information Desk in the DEN within one (1) week before the banner is to be hung. 
  • Banners must be removed within two (2) days of the conclusion of the event. 

3.  Walkway Signs
Walkway sign policy. Requests must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance to the Student Activities Center Information Desk.  Off-campus customers are not permitted to submit banner requests.  Campus Life reserves the right to refuse Walkway signs.  Student organization walkway signs may be posted on campus for no longer than one (1) week.  Walkway signs must be placed such that pedestrian and vehicular traffic and building access are not obstructed. Locations are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

a. Guidelines

  • Campus Life cannot guarantee that all sign requests will be granted.
  • Requests will only be granted for the advertisement of the student organization events in accordance with the university's posting guidelines.  (See Chapter 9: Campus Policies Related to Student Involvement for more information).

4.  Information on Publicity
a. Handbills and Flyers
Handbills and flyers may be distributed in person in open areas of the campus provided that pedestrian and vehicular traffic and building access are not obstructed.  Handbills and flyers may not be distributed within any campus building, directly in front of the Campus Bookstore entrance, in residence halls and on their adjacent grounds, on parked vehicles, and in parking lots or access points.  Handbills and flyers must clearly indicate the sponsoring organization.

b. Large Signs and Banners
The posting of signs or banners larger than 18" by 22" is permitted but must be approved by Campus Life in advance.  No commercial posting is permitted.  Banners must contain the name of the sponsoring organization.  Sponsoring groups may not remove or post over other organization's banners and are limited to only one banner per organization unless prior approval is obtained from Campus Life. 

c. The Colonnade Newspaper
The Colonnade provides a number of ways to publicize student organizations and special events.  The Colonnade cannot guarantee space; however, information is always welcome.  For specific information on publicizing in the campus newspaper, please visit their website. 

d. Residence Halls

The posting of flyers in the campus residence halls is subject to special regulations.  Inquire at the Department of University Housing for specific details and approval.  No materials may be placed under student room doors.  Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited.

e. Food Service Venues / Table Toppers
For any student group, individual, or organization that wishes to conduct any promotional advertising in The Max, Bobcat Food Court, or any other retail dining locations, table tents and paper promotional fliers are no longer permitted. However, students do have the opportunity to place their advertisements in the table toppers located throughout the venues. Advertisements must first be approved through Campus Life and must meet the appropriate size and specifications for display (See Campus Life or Auxiliary Services for details). The size of the inserts is 4.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. If they are printing through the Print Shop, they will need a .33 inch white border around each side. Once approved, they can either be produced by the student or group on their own and then have each piece stamped with approval, or they can be produced (for a printing cost) through GC Print Services with a pre-approved seal. All produced pieces will then be turned over to Auxiliary Services for display during the approved time period. All advertisements are subject to approval and scheduling availability. No private business ventures may be advertised.

f. Staked Signs
Staked signs (i.e., signs attached to stakes or poles or yard signs) must be approved by Campus Life prior to displaying. 

5.  Inappropriate Publicity
Painting, chalking, tacking, taping, gluing, or stapling messages on walks, footbridges, benches, trash cans, trees, The Colonnade stands, windows, walls, columns, buildings, fences, or other permanent structures (except where noted above) are not permitted.  Messages may not be written or posted on classroom chalkboards or whiteboards, or instructor and departmental bulletin boards without permission from the instructor or department.  No leafleting is permitted within any building, directly in front of the GC Bookstore entrance, in residence halls and on their adjacent grounds, and in parking lots and related structures and their pedestrian and vehicular access points. 

It is important to note that chalking on sidewalks is allowed under certain conditions. For more information please refer to Chapter 9: Campus Policies Related to Student Involvement

6.  Removal of Publicity of Other Organizations

Student organizations shall not remove flyers, signs, or banners of other organizations, unless all of the events advertised thereon haven been concluded.  Violation of this policy will result in suspension of posting privileges.  Violations of the above policies and regulations on publicity will result in the immediate removal of the material and may further result in the discontinuance of the publicity, event cancellation, charges for clean-up and, building repair, disciplinary sanctions against individuals or officers of recognized student organizations, and possible suspension of campus recognition.     

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