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Defining Fraternity and Sorority

The word fraternity is derived from the Latin word frater or brother. A fraternity is a group of men or women bound together by various ties that include brotherhood or sisterhood, friendship and common goals and desires. Women's fraternities are generally referred to as sororities, from the Latin word for sister. Members of these organizations share their friendship, loyalty and knowledge and devote their efforts to the common goals of the organization. The combined efforts and talents of these individuals make the organizations strong. Their common experience helps build ties that will carry over into life after college and provide a resource base to draw strength from in their daily lives. Additionally, experiences in the fraternity or sorority helps develop a strong and creative mind and leadership style that can lead to future success.

Though there are many different fraternities and sororities, most share similar founding principles and goals. They strive to enhance the educational experience through emphasis on intellectual and social development. Fraternities and sororities seek to instill values, such as friendship, education, service and social interaction, in their members that will provide a solid foundation to live life by each day.

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