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Study Hints



  • Thoroughly understand directions for homework, projects or exams - make sure you're working on the right things!

  • In note taking, don't worry about prettiness: develop your own abbreviations; use an outline form; don't re-copy notes unless there's a reason to do so.

  • In class, concentrate on listening, observing and mentally processing what's going on.

  • When reading, highlight what is important and/or make notes in the margins. USE your textbooks - don't worry about keeping them unmarked; they are important tools.

  • KEEP UP! KEEP UP! KEEP UP! Don't be fooled into thinking it can really be done well any other way.

  • Consider studying with others; we can learn from one another.

  • Use a tape recorder when doing memorization work.

  • Remember: there is no substitute for preparation and for keeping up with class activities and assignments.


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