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Time Management


Time Management: Not more time, but better use of available time.


The basic building block for a college student is the school week. On Saturday or Sunday, plan for your upcoming week.


Planning Sequence:

  • "X-out" fixed commitments (classes, work, travel, or time you've promised to someone or something else).

  • Identify (a) your single most important, have-to-get-it-done goal for the week, and (b) when you must have it ready.

  • Estimate how many total hours it will take to prepare for that goal. (Do not plan in increments smaller than 1 hour.)

  • Subdivide the total hours from step 3 into 1 and 2 hour blocks and fit them between your fixed commitments.

  • Repeat steps 2-4 for second priority, third priority, fourth priority and fifth priority goals.

  • DO IT (follow the schedule you planned in steps 1-5)!!! If something unexpected happens during that week, simply adjust your plan to adapt to the unforeseen time demand.

Time Management Calendar (doc)


  • Allow at least 1 hour each day for you to do something you enjoy.

  • In an hour of study, reading or writing, work hard for 50 minutes and break for 10 minutes.

  • Never study/work on the same course for more than 2 hours in a row.


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