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Computer Lab Software Procedure

IT professional staff members are responsible for evaluating, testing, installing, maintaining, and documenting all software and operating systems that are installed in the University computer labs, electronic classrooms, mobile computer carts, and loaner laptops. (Referred to as lab computers from this point forward unless specified)

Specialized Software installation requests
In order for specialized software to be installed in computer lab computers faculty should follow and be aware of the following procedures and processes.

1. Faculty members are to provide Serve with (1) license information regarding the software (2) a copy of the software installation media, (3) and installation instructions no later than 45 days prior to the start of the fall, spring, or summer semester. Serve will maintain a copy of the license information and software installation media. Software purchased using a PCard and freeware software will need to be provided to Serve by the faculty member.

2. IT staff will install, test, and document the installation of the software on a computer designated as a testing computer. IT staff members will ensure that the software does not conflict with any other installed software. Faculty will be contacted during the 45 day period and asked to test the software application in order to ensure that it will work properly for his/her class.

3. If the application testing is successful it will be installed on the computer lab computers prior to the beginning of the semester.  IT staff will contact the instructor and/or department if there are problems.

4. Pre-existing specialized software will be automatically installed in lab computers every semester until the faculty member requests that it be removed or the license has expired for the software, if applicable. Faculty will not have to request the re-installation of same specialized software every semester unless and updated version is available and needed.

5. The faculty member that initially requested the software installation and the faculty member's department chair will be the contacts if the IT staff needs to consult with the faculty member regarding the software.

6. Faculty should contact, Ed Stanley, prior to considering using or purchasing software that he/she intends to use in a computer lab computer. Software purchases must be approved by the IT department.  Proper licensing should be purchased to insure that software will be installed on every computer requested to have software installed for example the entire computer lab or instructor station.  IT staff will be able to assist with decisions regarding software purchases.

7. If a faculty member requests that specialized software be installed after the 45 day testing period or during the semester, IT staff may not be able to accommodate the request in a timely manner.

8. A list of installed software will be posted in the computer lab.


Specialized software updates and upgrades

1. Software updates are patches or additions to pre-existing specialized software. If IT Staff learn that updates have become available for specialized software, the IT staff will inform faculty that there are updates available. The IT staff member will install the update(s) on a test computer so that the faculty member can test the software. If the faculty member and the IT staff member agree to install the update(s), the IT staff will install the update on the lab computers. Depending on the complexity of the update and the limited access to computer labs, it may take up to two weeks to install the update(s).

2. Software upgrades are new versions of pre-existing specialized software. If a software upgrade is made available the Specialized Software installation request must be followed.

Software and Operating System Installation Procedures

1. Computer lab imaging consists of copying a complete installation of standard and specialized software and operating systems to a lab computer. This process erases all data stored on a computer and replaces it with a clean' image. If any information is erased it will be not be retrievable.

2. Lab computers will be imaged prior to the beginning of the fall semester and prior to the beginning of the spring semester. If the need arises the lab computers can be imaged at any time. The IT staff will try to ensure that lab services are not interrupted due to the imaging process.

3. The University computer lab image will be updated at a minimum of two times a year. A computer will be setup with the new software image for faculty to test and ensure that specialized and standard software is functioning satisfactorily.

4. The IT staff maintains the installation and setup procedure documentation for specialized and standard computer lab software and operating systems. The documentation regarding the system setup will be available to faculty if they request it.

5. IT staff will help ensure that all lab computers receive all critical operating system and virus system updates in a timely fashion.

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