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Going Green

This page is dedicated to "going green." Most of these suggestions will assist with less waste in the environment, but many will reduce toner use and paper, which will provide cost savings too. Some tips, like Green Print, will require a little more time up front but will result in a more efficient retrieval of the information since you eliminate unnecessary pages.

We are interested in receiving any comments, suggestions or tips you would be willing to share. Please send these to Cindy Bowen.

Paper and ink saving suggestions:

Using the "Print Selection" option is an easy way to print only what you need or move it to a Word document if you don't need a hard copy. Highlight the text you want to print and use the selection option. View demonstration (.avi)

Ideas for saving power

Division of Information Technology (DoIT) recommends that computers not in a lab environment should be shut down and monitors turned off at night, over the weekend or when on leave. Employees who remote into their computers should turn off their monitors. These applications require the computer to be on.   

DoIT recommends turning printers off at night, over the weekend and when on leave. 

DoIT reminds users to help save power and prolong bulb life by remembering to power down projectors. On units with a remote, press the power button on the remote and confirm "power off" when prompted and on wall control units, simple press "display off."

For assistance with any of these suggestions, please call our Serve Help Desk at 478-445-7378.

 Information Technology 

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