Technology Strategic Plan

Information Technology is pleased to share our strategic plan.  The plan was developed collaborative by the entire IT staff and is based on the University Strategic plan.  We've also provided our 2016-17 IT Annual Report (PDF).  We welcome your feedback.

Georgia College Information Technology
Strategic Plan 2016-2021


Information Technology will be an exemplary unit supporting a nationally preeminent public liberal arts university.


Embracing our liberal arts mission, Information Technology will provide exemplary technology services supporting institutional aspirations for student learning, operational and academic excellence based on our shared values:

  • Providing exceptional services;
  • Providing timely, open and effective communication;  
  • Ensuring we are good stewards of resources;
  • Engaging  in collaborative and supportive teamwork;
  • Maintaining our ethical principles of integrity, altruism, reason, respect, and responsibility;
  • Diversity and inclusion in all forms;
  • Striving to be innovators.

MISSION:   Enabling and enhancing the global, student-centered liberal arts experience at Georgia College with exemplary, modern, efficient, inclusive technology resources and services. 

We are committed to achieve our mission through:

Expansive Technology Experiences.  We enable integrated technological resources into core academic, business, social and recreational activities to promote and support excellence.  Through modern technologies, we ensure support for educational and aspirational goals in an inclusive environment valuing opinions while empowering individual success both locally and globally. 

Embrace Student Success.  Through continuous evaluation of technologies we strive to provide software, services and enterprise level applications ensuring an exceptional and safe learning environment.  Extensive technology services enable student experiences in preparation for success in local, national, and global environments.

Exceptional Stewardship of Resources.   Through inclusive and collaborative decision-making, we seek creative and innovative solutions with a commitment to efficiencies, avoiding duplication of resources.  Our efforts reflect exemplary stewardship for Georgia College and the University System of Georgia hallmarked by accountability, trust, and transparency. 

Exceptional Commitment to Service.   Through communication, pooling of resources and redirection of priorities we achieve exceptional service.  Our focus is on quality enhancement through assessment, root cause analysis, research and interactions with those we serve.  Servant leadership drives us to be a collaborative partner actively listening, advising and providing creative solutions that exceed expectations.  We practice active communication providing beneficial and timely information on service offerings. 

Exceptional Commitment to Unit Excellence.  Through engagement in continuous professional development and succession planning, we create an engaging environment enabling staff to embrace empowerment and ownership.  We provide opportunities for our staff to engage in leadership, management and/or other professional development activities while encouraging growth, innovation and personal satisfaction.


Goal 1:  Recruit, admit, enroll, retain, and graduate highly qualified and diverse undergraduate students.

  • Enhance analytic capabilities by supporting information integration between systems while eliminating duplicate efforts.
  • Provide exceptional service delivery of enterprise solutions such as customer relationship management, degree auditing, student success and student information systems. 

Goal 2:  Develop and implement distinctive and transformative undergraduate curricular and co-curricular experiences.  Transformative experiences include but are not limited to: undergraduate research; creative projects; study abroad; service learning; community-based learning; leadership development; diversity and global learning; field and clinical-based practica, apprenticeships, preceptorships, and internships.

  • Integrate learning technologies for a seamless experience for faculty and students including single sign-on, shared data and functionality.
  • Strengthen partnership with the Career Center and faculty to recruit a diverse student worker population providing internships and other internal service-learning opportunities.
  • Integrate student owned technologies to enhance learning opportunities ubiquitously. 
  • Expand the Innovation Station by promoting technology training resources and activities.
  • Maximize the available software and service portfolios in support of transformative experiences.

Goal 3:  Offer a limited number of exceptional quality graduate programs that are highly relevant to workforce demand and supportive of the university mission.

  • Provide enterprise solutions supporting the student life-cycle.
  • Enhance graduate program availability and student learning with technology in traditional, hybrid and online environments.

Goal 4:  Align resources through generation, redirection, prioritization, cost containment, and stewardship to address strategic priorities.

  • Engage in continuous process improvement for all technology including cloud appropriate services.
  • Provide and maintain information on IT resources.   
  • Evaluate technology efficiencies identifying opportunities for savings, redirection and/or prioritization.
  • Maintain a comprehensive inventory of technology assets. 

Goal 5:  Enhance a professional environment that encourages the recruitment, retention, and success of an exemplary and diverse faculty and staff.

  • Strategically evaluate and develop matching staff skills to ensure the retention and success of a diverse IT staff.   
  • Provide cross-training within IT to develop multi-levels of job knowledge including succession planning.
  • Build better communications and collaborations across IT areas including web communication.
  • Enhance faculty and staff through development opportunities with cutting edge concepts and theories to promote and enhance new technologies as well as cyber security techniques to minimize risks.

Goal 6:  Strengthen community and regional ties through service, research, programs, and partnerships that enhance economic, educational, and cultural opportunities to improve the quality of life for citizens of Milledgeville/Baldwin County and the middle Georgia region.

  • Encourage staff participation in community services programs and volunteer efforts by recognizing and rewarding IT staff participation.
  • Provide IT branded services/resources to campus guests.






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