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Information Security Policies & Procedures



Policy or Procedure


Institutional Profile (pdf)

Overview of the university's mission, administrative structure, and network topology.

Responsibility for Establishing a Secure Information Environment (pdf)

Assignment of responsibility for creating and maintaining an information security program at GC.

General Acceptable Use of Technology Policy(pdf)

Defines acceptable uses of technology at GC.

ResNet Acceptable Use Policy(pdf)

Defines acceptable uses of technology on the residence hall data network.

Electronic Communication Policy (pdf)

Establishes policy on privacy, confidentiality, and security in electronic communications.

Ensures that university communications resources are used for purposes appropriate to the university's mission.

Informs the university community about the applicability of related laws and university policies regarding electronic communications.

Ensures that electronic communications are used in compliance with laws and university policies.

Prevents disruptions to and misuse of university electronic communications resources and activities.

Password Policy (pdf)

Defines best practices for password creation and utilization.

Information Security Awareness Policy (pdf)

Establishes the requirement for a comprehensive information security awareness program.

Incident Response Plan

Confidential document that details the university's response to Information Security incidents. The sensitive nature of this document requires that it be protected from public view. Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Chief Information Officer at

PCI Data Security Compliance (pdf)

Requirements for offices seeking to outsource Payment Card Processing and for complying with federal law regarding the use of Credit Cards. 
(October 2012)

Procedure for Blocking Network Access (pdf)

Defines procedures for blocking network access in the event of a security breach or other emergency.

Procedure for Identification of a Departmental Security Contact (pdf)

Assigns the responsibility for appointment of a departmental security contact to coordinate departmental security efforts with the Chief Information Officer.

Server Registration Procedure(pdf)

Outlines the mechanism for registering a server with the Division of Information Technology and assigns responsibility for maintaining servers.

Information Storage and Disposal Policy (pdf)

Defines acceptable means for storing and destroying university information.

Physical Access Security Policy (pdf)

Establishes access permissions for critical data facilities on campus.

Digital Access Security Policy (pdf)

Establishes access permissions for digital resources on campus.

Policy for the Use of Encryption Technologies (pdf)

Defines guidelines for selecting appropriate encryption tools and for complying with federal law regarding use of encryption by non-citizens of the U.S.

Backup Policy (pdf)

Assigns responsibility for backup of critical resources.

PeopleSoft Security Policy (pdf)

Defines acceptable uses of the PeopleSoft system.

Banner Security Policy (pdf)

Defines acceptable uses of the Banner system.

Domain Name System Procedure (pdf)

Outlines guidelines for creation and management of the university's domain name server.

Windows Client (pdf) Administration

Procedure for requesting and review of Windows client administration privileges.

Central Data Storage Procedure "GCSHARE" (pdf)

Defines procedure for requesting a central file share.

Secure Document Imaging Procedure (pdf)

Outlines the procedure for requesting access to the document scanning service as well as acceptable use of the system.

Faculty and Staff Equipment and Software Policy (pdf)

This document provides a policy framework which should be utilized to assure appropriate and equitable issuance to staff and faculty of basic technology equipment. This policy is a guide for administrators, faculty, and staff for the acquisition, utilization and support of computer and peripheral needs and basic network access, as well as personal responsibilities of the employee and supervisor. 

Please address all comments, questions, or concerns regarding the above policies or other security related issue to These policies and procedures are living documents and subject to change at any time to address evolving technology and security issues. Check back often for the latest revisions to any policy or procedure.


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