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Technology Review Requirement

The purchase of all GC technology equipment and software, regardless of the source of funds, shall be reviewed by the GC IT Office. The Vice Chancellor/CIO of the University System of Georgia has delegated "approval authorization" to the GC Chief Information Officer (CIO) for purchases not on State of Georgia Contract that do not exceed $50,000 and for those on State of Georgia Contract that do not exceed $100,000. Items exceeding those levels must be submitted to the Vice Chancellor's office for approval. To assure sound purchasing, supportability, appropriate pricing and for security of the university's resources, GC requires pre-purchase approval of all technology. Thus there is no minimum allowable independent purchase. Under these guidelines, technology equipment, software over $1,000.00, maintenance or licenses shall not be purchased with departmental purchasing cards.  Purchases must be made through the normal purchase & check request or e-procurement procedures.

Items not to be purchased on a purchasing card include:

Desktop, laptop, palmtop, server, or tablet computers as parts or as one unit.

Printers of any variety.

External or internal computer or laptop peripherals including hard disk drives, optical drives (CD or DVD), network interface cards, port expansion cards, (either USB or Firewire),

Software over $1,000.00. Special approval is provided for software under $1,000.00 - see below.

Computer services of any kind.

Networking hardware including access points, routers, hubs, switches, bridges, antennae, keystone jacks, punch down blocks, UPS or battery back up units, generators for computing equipment, fiber optic cables, copper Category 5, 5e, or 6 network cables, surge protectors for computer equipment.

Software Purchases under $1,000

Software or software upgrades, updates, or new versions whether downloaded or on physical media under $1,000 may be purchased using a University Purchasing Card by following the procedures and completing the form located at:
Software Purchases under $1,000 using P-Card procedure and form Revised 2012 (xls)



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